8 Best Sites to Hire Vue.JS Developers: Which Should You Choose

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Are you hesitant to hire Vue.js developers for your project because the Vue.js framework is new? Well, you can stop hesitating. Over the years, Vue.js has grown in popularity and is on track to compete with older JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular. In fact, over 18% of software developers worldwide use Vue, making it the sixth most used web framework.

popular companies with vue.js websites

Developers are switching to a Vue.js front-end framework because it’s more beginner-friendly than popular JavaScript frameworks like React.js. But what exactly is a Vue.js developer and when should you hire one? Keep reading to get answers to these questions and discover where to find the best Vue.js developers for your project.

What is a Vue.js developer?

A Vue.js developer is a front-end developer who creates websites and web applications with web languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Front-end development involves building a website or web app’s graphical user interface, which is the first thing users see on a site. Since users interact with user interface elements to navigate a site, quality Vue.js developers build user interfaces to be as intuitive as possible.

So, what is Vue.js?

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces (UIs) and single-page applications (SPAs) during software development. Evan You designed and launched Vue.js in 2014 to compete with Google’s Angular framework.

It’s safe to say You achieved his goal because Vue.js offers the best features of Angular in a much more lightweight framework. A lightweight framework facilitates building web applications with smaller file sizes, leading to faster loading times.

Why hire a Vue.js developer

You can hire Vue.js developers for a website or web application development project. Hiring a Vue.js developer will benefit your project in the following ways:

  • Component-based architecture: Vue.js has a component-based architecture that simplifies maintaining and updating your website or web app’s codebase.

  • Virtual DOM: Vue.js uses a virtual DOM, which is a technique that web development frameworks use to optimize UI rendering and updating. Basically, a virtual DOM makes web applications load faster and more efficiently.

  • Reactive data binding: Vue.js supports reactive data binding, meaning data changes automatically reflect in the UI. It simplifies updating the app, eliminating the need to modify code manually in multiple places.

  • Optimal performance: Vue.js focuses on performance, delivering websites and web apps with features like lazy loading, code splitting, and server-side rendering.

  • Large developer community: Vue.js is open-source and has a huge developer community. The community provides templates and other resources developers can use to fast-track, troubleshoot, and simplify web development.

  • Flexibility: Since Vue.js is highly flexible, developers can use it to build simple single-page web applications or complex enterprise-level applications. Programmers can even use it to build an iOS or Android mobile app. However, doing so will require using Vue.js alongside frameworks like NativeScript or Weex.

  • Seamless integration: Vue.js easily integrates with other libraries and existing projects. For example, Vue.js integrates with backend technologies like PHP’s Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Express.js, and Python’s Django. The feature simplifies adding new features to existing applications or projects.

  • Great official libraries: Developers can combine Vue.js and Vuex libraries to build complex and scalable web applications. Vuex is a state management library that helps manage and synchronize a web application’s state across multiple components.

In summary, Vue.js provides a balance between simplicity, flexibility, and performance when building web applications.

Who should hire a Vue.js developer?

Companies and individuals can hire Vue.js developers to build high-quality web applications quickly and efficiently. Examples of companies that commonly hire Vue.js developers include startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and digital agencies in various industries. Specific projects Vue.js programmers commonly get hired for include:

  • App and website prototypes and mockups

  • UI projects

  • Single-page applications (SPAs)

  • Features for existing applications

Besides being skilled at delivering scalable, maintainable, and fast web applications, Vue.js developers are also cost-effective. Why? Since Vue.js is a free, open-source scripting language, developers don’t have to pay to use it. The cost savings transfer to you, letting you pay less to build your website or app.

What to look for in a Vue.js developer

The rising popularity of Vue.js for building websites has led to more developers learning the skill. With so many developers to choose from for your Vue.js project, how do you pick the right one? Below are the features to prioritize if you want to hire a Vue.js developer that fits your company and project requirements:

  • Technical skills: The best Vue.js developers are proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also understand SPA architecture, state management libraries, Webpack, and testing frameworks like Jest. Only hire Vue.js developers who have at least these technical skills.

  • Relevant experience: Your Vue.js developer should have experience working on projects like yours. For example, if you want to build an ecommerce app or website, the developer should have done something similar in the past. The relevant experience will equip them to manage your project efficiently and troubleshoot issues.

  • Communication skills: A Vue.js developer who is a poor communicator can frustrate your project, regardless of how technically skilled they are. Only hire Vue.js developers who speak your language and use your preferred communication channels.

  • Hiring cost: Vue developers with more years of experience typically charge more for their services. While you want the best developer for your project, keep things cost-effective by choosing a skilled programmer who fits your budget.

  • Attention to detail: Top-notch Vue.js developers are meticulous and detail-oriented. A coder who isn’t detail-oriented can write faulty code that delays your project. In worst-case scenarios, faulty code can lead to launching apps with security and performance issues.

4 best options to hire Vue.js developers

Now that you know what to look for to hire the best Vue.js developers, let’s dive into your available hiring options.

4 options for hiring vue.js developers

1. A full-time in-house development team

Having your own dedicated team of in-house Vue.js developers working for you is convenient. You can have them work on any project according to your specifications, and they are always at your beck and call.

On the downside, full-time in-house developers are employees, and you must pay them accordingly. That means even if you haven’t had a Vue.js development project in months, you still have to pay your Vue.js developers.


  • Easy access to Vue.js development expertise

  • The team understands and works with your preferences

Who this method fits

While having a team of in-house dedicated Vue.js developers is convenient, it’s also expensive. We recommend choosing this option only if you can afford to manage and train such a team. Also, only take in-house Vue.js developers if you frequently work on Vue.js development projects. Otherwise, you may not need the developers for months but still have to pay them salaries.

2. Unvetted freelance Vue.js developers

Unvetted freelance Vue.js developers are the best option if you want to save money. An unvetted freelancer means the individual has unverified skills or expertise. Since the freelancer’s competence is unverified, hiring the individual is a gamble. However, the gamble can pay off big time if you hire the right freelancer.

For example, unvetted freelancers charge less for their services to compete with vetted developers with more experience and reputation. Also, unvetted freelancers are more amenable to working with short deadlines and other conditions that most established developers wouldn’t accept.

Some companies avoid freelancers because they don’t want to risk the theft of company secrets. You can avoid such issues by getting a freelancer to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before working with you.


  • The budget-friendliest option

  • Unvetted freelancers typically accept working conditions that others reject

Who this method fits

Hire an unvetted Vue.js developer if you are a startup or individual who wants to save money. You can also get one on short notice if you have unfavorable working conditions.

3. Vetted Vue.js developers from a talent agency

Vetted Vue.js developers are experts with verified qualifications. You can find such developers on platforms that verify users, such as Toptal. While hiring a vetted freelancer is safer than hiring an unvetted developer, vetted Vue.js developers typically cost more. However, the extra expense can be worth the peace of mind because you know you are hiring a qualified person.


  • Safer than hiring unvetted freelancers

  • Cheaper than hiring an in-house team

Who this method fits

Hire a vetted Vue.js developer if you can afford it and want to avoid unknowingly hiring someone with made-up qualifications. Also, choose this option if you need only Vue.js development services. If you need other development services, you will have to hire and pay other experts for those jobs.

4. A fully managed development team

Hiring a fully managed development team is the way to go if you want to build a high-performance website with minimal hassle. A fully managed team offers various development solutions, including Vue.js development services and everything else your product development process needs to succeed.

Since the team will handle all aspects of your development process on your behalf, you can be as hands-off as you want. It’s less work on your part but better results. Another benefit is you get to avoid the hassle of screening several freelancers to find one for your project. However, hiring a fully managed development team is the most expensive option.


A fully managed development team will take care of your web or app development, allowing you to focus on other aspects of running your business. The team’s expertise guarantees that you will receive excellent results at the end of your project. Also, the team can easily scale to meet the needs of your project without you lifting a finger.

Who this method fits

You can benefit from hiring a fully managed development team whether you are a startup or a medium to large-sized business. However, don’t choose this option if you only need Vue.js development services. Otherwise, you will pay for development services that you won’t use.

8 top websites where you can hire Vue.js developers

Several platforms and companies offer Vue.js development solutions, but quality varies between companies. If you want to hire Vue.js developers that offer top-quality services, below are the best developer websites to visit.

1. DevSquad

hire vuejs developer

DevSquad is more than just a Vue.js development company. We are a full-service design and development agency that serves SaaS businesses in various industries. As a full-service agency, we handle your entire app or web development process for you. That means you can count on us for everything from ideation and conceptualization to prototyping and launching your product.

Our data-driven approach eliminates guesswork so that we consistently deliver interactive and dynamic web applications that thrill end users. Also, our adherence to agile methodology and the latest best practices keeps our development process transparent with guaranteed customer satisfaction at the end. Learn more about how DevSquad can be the one-stop shop for all your SaaS product development needs.


Our diverse team of skilled developers and product managers ensures you get more than Vue.js development services when you hire us. Some other solutions we provide to help clients build and launch high-performance software are:


  • Fully managed team structure

  • User-focused product development process

  • Strategic guidance to guarantee product development success

  • Prevent cost overruns

  • Scalable team to match your needs

  • Hassle-free hiring process and top-notch communication

  • Option to be as hands-off as you want


While hiring a fully managed team is your most convenient option, it’s also your most expensive. Secondly, you don’t need a fully managed team if you only need to hire Vue.js developers for your project.

2. Turing

hire vue.js developers

Turing is a talent agency where you can hire Vue.js developers for your project. The platform has developers in over 150 countries, and they all work remotely, allowing you to hire developers that match your time zone.

Even better, Turing has an aggressive vetting process that accepts only 1% of developers who apply to offer services on the platform. The strict vetting process ensures you can only choose from competent Vue.js developers for your project.


With Turing, you can find highly experienced and vetted developers that match your project needs. You can hire Vue.js developers on the platform for full-time or part-time jobs.


  • A rigorous vetting process and access to only verified talent

  • Option of developers that match your time zone

  • No-risk two-week trial

  • High user satisfaction score


Only software developers are available on Turing. If you need other experts to manage other aspects of your project, you’ll have to find them elsewhere.

3. Fiverr

hire vue.js developers

Fiverr is a go-to freelancer website for companies and individuals who want to hire Vue.js developers without breaking the bank. On the platform, you can find Vue.js developers charging as low as $5 and others charging up to $2,500. The price options ensure you can find a developer who matches your budget.

On the downside, Fiverr doesn’t vet users, putting you at risk of hiring a developer with trumped-up qualifications. However, you can reduce the risk of hiring an unqualified Vue.js developer by choosing only individuals with positive reviews and a high user rating.


You can use Fiverr to find Vue.js developers and other freelancers you need for your project. Developers worldwide use the platform, allowing you to easily find one that matches your language and time zone preferences.


  • Secure payment options

  • Affordable

  • Thousands of Vue.js developers to choose from

  • 24/7 user support

  • Rating system for identifying the best developers


  • Unvetted freelancers cause uncertainty when hiring

  • Personally vetting developers can be tedious and time-consuming

  • Hiring the wrong freelancer can cause project delays

4. Fireart

hire vuejs development team

Fireart is a team of developers that offers software development services. You can hire the team to handle your entire product development process or simply provide Vue.js development services.

Also, Fireart takes a customer-centered approach to product development and applies Agile methodology. The approach ensures clients can look forward to quick iteration and premium product quality that matches the latest industry standards.


  • JS programming

  • Full-cycle product development

  • Digital product design


  • 50+ experienced designers and JS developers

  • Professional and impressive track record

  • Excellent communication


Fireart is a boutique agency with a limit to how many clients they can serve at once.

5. Toptal

hire vuejs freelancer

Toptal is an excellent Fiverr alternative if you want to hire Vue.js developers that have undergone vetting. Toptal’s vetting process is so thorough that the platform only accepts the top 3% of freelancers who apply.

Besides Vue.js developers, you can find designers, product managers, and other experts on the platform to handle other aspects of your software development. Another lovely thing about Toptal is its matching system, which pairs clients with freelancers that best match their stated requirements.


Toptal simplifies finding Vue.js developers and other experts for your product development project. You can search and filter freelancers yourself or use the platform’s matching system to find ideal candidates for your job.


  • Free, no-risk trial

  • Hundreds of Vue developers to choose from

  • Convenient matching system

  • A thorough freelancer vetting process

  • High user satisfaction


  • $500 down payment to use the platform

  • Finding suitable freelancers can take up to three weeks

  • Toptal freelancers charge more than others

6. Monterail

hire vuejs development agency

Monterail is a software development company that offers a host of services. You can hire the agency to fully manage your app development or contact them to connect you with a Vue partner. The agency’s Vue partners list consists of professionals that provide first-class Vue consulting and development solutions.


  • Custom app development with Vue.js

  • Third-Party integration with Vue.js

  • Single-page app (SPA) development

  • Real-time app development


  • Quick service delivery

  • Trusted agency

  • 10+ years of experience

  • Hire fully managed services or just Vue.js services


The company’s location in Poland makes it a better fit for European clients.

7. iTechArt

vuejs development team

iTechArt has over 20 years of experience providing software development services. The agency tailors its services to meet the needs of clients and delivers unique finished products that stand out from competitors. Also, iTechArt prioritizes user experience during product development to ensure high user engagement.


  • Custom Vue.js development

  • Vue.js consulting

  • Third-party integration

  • PWA development

  • Single-page application development


  • Choose between developer outsourcing and fully managed product development

  • Highly scalable agency

  • Tailored services to match client needs


  • Must hire two developers for a minimum of 40 hours a week

  • Prices may exceed the budget of startups

8. YouTeam

vue.js freelancer

Do you want to hire Vue.js developers outside the U.S.? If so, try YouTeam. The platform has over 50,000 European and Latin American software engineers and developers you can choose for full-time or long-term projects.


YouTeam connects users with Vue.js developers and other programmers for app development projects.


  • Vetted freelancers with at least three years of technical experience

  • Pre-interviews confirm a candidate's suitability for a project

  • No-risk, 30 days free trial to try out developers


  • Long-term projects only

  • Developer rates are high

  • Slow onboarding process

Don’t stress yourself sorting through hundreds of people to hire Vue.js developers for your project. At DevSquad, we have Vue.js developers and every other specialist you need to take your product development from ideation to launch.

Contact us today to get started with your Vue.js development project.

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