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Full-time dedicated devs managed by a product manager


Pay monthly as you go

Node.js Application Development Services

Node.js supercharges JavaScript to eliminate wait times between requests. The result is a faster, smoother experience for your end user and the ability to use JavaScript as a unified programming language for the server side and client side of your application.

Our Node.js developers are not only top-notch, they come backed with a full support team. Say no to the amateurs. Get Node.js application development from the team that offers product management, QA and continuous deployment alongside development.

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Fully managed team with a killer process.

Because amateur mistakes aren’t part of your timeline or budget.

2-6 Developers

Work with DevSquad and get 2-6 dedicated senior level developers working on your project only.

1 Product Manager

Your team of developers comes fully equipped with a product manager who helps implement your strategic vision.

UX Designers

1 UI/UX Designer

Our designers are experts at keeping your product user-friendly and looking great.

VP Team

Every DevSquad has access to our VP team, who are on board to help developers and product managers with any need.

QA Team

We never ship bad code — our QA team manages manual and automated testing for every client product.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps Team

Our DevOps team oversees cloud infrastructure, security and scalability to keep your users happy around the clock.

Get Node.js expertise, with smart product management too.

DevSquad has everything it takes to create a functional, beautiful & sticky product. SaaS entrepreneurs and growing companies keep coming back to us with new products and projects. That’s why we’re confident enough to work without long-term contracts.

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How can DevSquad help you win?

You’ve got a problem to solve, you’re the hero, and we’re on your team.


We prototype before we build

Meeting business and customer demands is our core aim. We work with you to create a high-fidelity prototype and make changes to it before we begin development.


We charge month to month

Instead of locking you into a big, long-term contract, we provide an estimate of the number of developers and months. You can scale up or down, or cancel, at any time.


We manage everything

We know just how crucial it is that your team work together without a hitch. That’s why we offer not only development expertise, but our battle-tested process and team structure.



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Because amateur mistakes aren’t part of your timeline or budget.


“They take time to understand our own go-to-market strategy and build our product with that in mind.”


Cofounder and CEO of Swell


“We probably saved one to two years in terms of development time. I'm excited that we have a partner.”


Founder and President of StatSocial


“I have peace of mind that I found a partner, not a vendor. Someone who is there for the long run.”


CEO and Founder of CountingWorks PRO

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You bring the idea, we bring the process and expertise.

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