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Build a B2B SaaS product that competes to win

We're your go-to SaaS development agency if you want real user testing, excellent UX, and a lightweight product that’s built to last

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SaaS development
application services

Launch your MVP, clarify your idea, or rebuild an outdated product. 


New SaaS App Development

We’ll help you create a high-impact B2B SaaS product. Our strategic team has built 100+ successful products.


SaaS Prototypes

Before we jump into development, we take all new SaaS products through our signature Sprint Zero process.


Legacy App Modernization

For outdated applications that are expensive to update and maintain, we can redesign and rebuild your product from the ground up.

Successful SaaS products

we’ve developed

Hear why these founders choose DevSquad.

“They take time to understand our own go-to-market strategy and build our product with that in mind.” DREW SPARKS Cofounder and CEO of Swell
“We probably saved one to two years in terms of development time. I'm excited that we have a partner.” MICHAEL HUSSEY Founder and president of StatSocial
“I have peace of mind that I found a partner, not a vendor. Someone who is there for the long run.” LEE REAMS CEO at CountingWorks

Why outsource to a SaaS development agency?

 Here’s why hiring an agency — instead of managing a team yourself — is a wise move.


Fully Managed Process

Don’t stress over managing developers, DevOps engineers, and QA testers yourself.


Product Strategy

Get expert, outside help to help you determine the best way to solve real user problems.


Focus on Growth

Let an agency take ownership of your product so you can spend time on sales and marketing.

The DevSquad approach to SaaS development

Do you want an agency that protects your profitability? You found us.



Start your business on assumptions

The majority of SaaS development consulting firms don’t offer user testing as part of their development process—which is insane. Why invest in a product no one will pay for?


Lock yourself into a big contract

Because most agencies can’t deliver on their promises, they lock you into six-figure contracts that are very hard to get out of. The bigger the quote, the more likely it is they don’t know what they’re doing.


Launch your product in 12-18 months

Most agencies move slowly. They geek out on technology and infrastructure choices instead of prioritizing business outcomes and user needs. The result is clean code that never really goes anywhere.


Waste money on new features and updates

If you want to put your business at risk, then keep asking your agency to build new features. They’ll happily add whatever you want and send you a big fat bill that destroys your budget for growth initiatives.


Lose out to competitors with better UX

Let’s face it. No matter how great your product idea, UX is what really makes it stick (or fail) with users. Too many agencies hire inexperienced UX designers because they care more about scaling than delivering quality work.



Get prototype feedback from real target users

DevSquad offers a product strategy process that moves from prototyping to user testing and back to prototyping. We work with real users and provide their feedback to help you decide if the product is even worth building.


Pay month to month

Steer clear of dev agencies that weigh you down with massive contracts. Catering to the SaaS industry, we offer a pay-as-you-go subscription model that preserves your runway and cash flow.


Go to market in 3 to 9 months

DevSquad helps you build like a bootstrapped startup, even if you’re not. We use modern frameworks like Laravel and Vue.js, combined with our optimized playbooks to quickly develop user-vetted products.


Prevent feature overwhelm with dual-track agile

At DevSquad, we use a dual-track agile approach so that new ideas are continuously vetted in a discovery track, while we’re building approved updated in the delivery track.


Offer Silicon-Valley-style UX users love

We operate out of the Silicon Slopes area of Utah, which got its name for good reason, We provide the highest-quality, most modern-looking UX. Our small team of designers continuously tests and optimizes key flows.

Our process for custom SaaS development

Let’s kick things off with strategy, prototyping, and real user testing.



Product Strategy

Our approach to product strategy is inspired by Google Ventures' Design Sprint. Our leadership team will go through the process with you to combine your industry knowledge with our SaaS development experience.



Prototyping & Testing

Based on our strategy session, we create a realistic prototype and test it with real target users. We’ll let you know if the user testing results mean that your product isn’t worth building. You can also stop after this point if you decide not to go forward for any reason.



MVP Development

If users love your product idea and you’re prepared to dive in fully, we’ll build your vetted MVP concept. On average, it takes us about 6 months to get your product ready to launch so you can drive revenue ASAP.



Ongoing Improvement

Immediately after launch, we’re already working on the roadmap updates that weren’t necessary for your MVP but are high priority nonetheless. We continue development with our dual-track agile approach with concurrent discovery and delivery sprints. 



Handover (If You Want)

Most of our clients rely on us to continuously improve and maintain their product — but sometimes, it makes sense to take development in-house. When that happens, we provide excellent team training and a smooth handover so you’re fully prepared to take charge.

Your SaaS development team

All the talent you need, working together using optimized playbooks. 


Product Strategists

Partner with our CTO for technical feasibility and our CEO (also a SaaS founder) for end-user strategy.


Technical Product Managers

All of our product managers have former development experience so they can really wrangle devs.


UX/UI Designers

We have a small team of incredible UX designers and only take on select projects we believe in.


Mid-level & Senior Developers

We offer mid-level and senior developers who work on our internal projects before touching work.


Tech Leads & DevOps Engineers

Our tech leads and DevOps engineers manage CI/CD, performance, and cybersecurity.


QA Managers

Quality assurance managers test your app with pre-written test cases, automation, and ad hoc exploring.

Why choose DevSquad as your SaaS development agency


Pre-built library of SaaS elements

We have a library of common elements (like signups, upgrades, etc.) and popular integrations to help our clients get to market faster.


Unparalleled product analytics

Whenever possible, we develop SaaS products with Laravel so our clients have access to Laravel Pulse for free and powerful insights.

Time and Cost

Development cost savings

Our Brazilian founder hires the very best developers from Latin America, while our product strategists and designers are based here in Utah.

Frequently asked questions about SaaS development agencies

Why should I hire a SaaS startup development company instead of freelancers?


When you hire an agency, you can avoid managing freelancers that have you putting out fires around the clock. Unless you have previous experience as a developer and product manager, it is incredibly difficult to manage freelancers or build an in-house team. By partnering with an agency, you can ensure that you’re making the most of your investment and protecting your runway. You’ll be paying for product development instead of hourly work, employment wages, and/or benefits that may or may not result in a completed product.

What should I do before hiring an agency to develop my SaaS product?


Launching a SaaS business isn’t just about having a great idea. You also need to be the right person to grow the company, and you need enough runway to do it. Take our 1-Page SaaS Blueprint Challenge to help you clarify your concept and business plan. And, when you’re ready to take the next step, make sure to go through a design sprint, like our Sprint Zero offer, which takes you through our process for strategy, product design, prototyping, and user testing. Not only will you have a chance to vet the idea, but you’ll also test your own commitment and interest in the business.

What is the best development framework for a SaaS product?


We recommend Laravel for the majority of SaaS products. It offers excellent documentation, pre-built fundamental SaaS features, stellar performance, and easy deployment, all of which translate into faster development and updates. Through developing dozens of products with Laravel, we’ve optimized every step of the process.

How much does it cost to develop a SaaS product?


We charge a fixed monthly fee per Squad. The cost of your Squad is determined by the number of developers, product managers, quality assurance analysts, and product designers assigned to your product. We determine the right Squad size for you after our initial call. With DevSquad, you pay month to month and are never locked into long-term contracts.

Build the SaaS product that builds your dream

Get your own DevSquad, complete with an experienced project manager as your point person.