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from within

DevSquad is a boutique consulting firm specializing in strategizing, prototyping, and developing digital products. Launch a better product faster with DevSquad.

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Our story

After exiting our own SaaS, we built what was supposed to be a small dev shop serving the local Salt Lake City market.

But after hearing tons of product development horror stories and having to rescue or speed up the work of other consulting firms, we decided to scale DevSquad from one to many squads. We began serving more business leaders and entrepreneurs - always keeping our high-performing team structure and our commitment to fast technology.

About Us

With offices in the United States and Brazil, we've grown to over 100 people working together on cross-functional teams of managers, UX designers, developers, DevOps, engineers and QA engineers. We've continued to win better and better talent and refine our expertise.

Today, we're an elite, battle-trained group that cuts straight to the core of user needs.

Leadership team
Phil Alves
CEO and Principal Strategist
Rafael Lunardelli
Mauricio Kiyama
VP of Product
Eliza Jensen
Product Design Lead

Core values

We own every product we touch, from strategy to QA testing and roadmap updates. Our core values guide our approach.

Make it happen

Plan what works, be ready for anything.


Whittle it down to make it better.

Play as a team

Listen well and use enjoyable frameworks.

Empowered communication

Tighten collaboration within the team and with the client.

Value beyond expectation

Build in business results from day one.


Where product strategy meets expert execution

DevSquad's high performing product teams build business software, consumer apps, and government tools. We offer strategy that is always grounded in our experience of taking full ownership of every product we touch. You get smart of product planning, fully managed development, and proactive optimization.

Talent and experience - fully coordinated