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Meet the Architects Behind Your Success

Our Journey in SaaS Development Excellence


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Our story

After exiting our own SaaS, we built what was supposed to be a small dev shop serving the local Salt Lake City market.

But after hearing tons of product development horror stories and having to rescue or speed up the work of other consulting firms, we decided to scale DevSquad from one to many squads. We began serving more business leaders and entrepreneurs - always keeping our high-performing team structure and our commitment to fast technology.

About us

With offices in the United States and Brazil, we've grown to over 100 people working together on cross-functional teams of managers, UX designers, developers, DevOps, engineers and QA engineers. We've continued to win better and better talent and refine our expertise.

About Us

We’re a battle-tested group passionate about building great products.

Core values

We own every product we touch, from strategy to QA testing and roadmap updates. Our core values guide our approach.

<p>Make it happen</p>

Make it happen

Plan what works, be ready for anything.



Whittle it down to make it better.

<p>Play as a team</p>

Play as a team

Listen well and use enjoyable frameworks.

<p>Value beyond expectation</p>

Value beyond expectation

Build in business results from day one.

<p>Empowered communication</p>

Empowered communication

Tighten collaboration within the team and with the client.

Where product strategy meets expert execution

DevSquad's high performing product teams build business software, consumer apps, and government tools. We offer strategy that is always grounded in our experience of taking full ownership of every product we touch. You get smart of product planning, fully managed development, and proactive optimization.

A note from our founder, Phil Alves

Providing Latin American developers with great income and opportunity.

Leader Image

In my late teens and early twenties I turned my SaaS product into the widest used Direct Sales CRM software in the Brazilian market and then sold it in 2010.

In 2011, I moved from Londrina, Brazil to the Salt Lake City Area. For a short time, I served as a lead developer at a great company, but I missed managing a comprehensive team and making important product decisions. I started DevSquad, so I could bring the experience that I had managing a team and building a successful SaaS business to other entrepreneurs with business ideas that fill a market need.

Since then, we’ve grown substantially. We’ve helped launch SaaS products for entrepreneurs that have gone on to make successful exits, and we’ve built mission-critical products for enterprises and organizations as well as our own use cases.

Throughout it all, we’ve relied on top-notch talent in Brazil and other parts of Latin America to work alongside our product strategists in our US office.

For me, it’s significant to bring opportunity back to my home country. Our clients respect this as well. It’s really the best of both worlds. You can come and visit us in Utah. And you can rest assured that we’re finding the best talent in Latin America. Every developer works on our own internal projects for 1 – 3 months before they ever touch client work. That’s the real-life vetting or testing process that we stand by.

When you partner with DevSquad, you help me bring more development work to Latin America, and you get Silicon Valley-style, customer-centric product management.

After one conversation, you’ll know our difference.