How to Hire Angular Developers [Plus Top 11 Sites]

Collin Harsin


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If your company has decided to build your next product in Angular, you’ve made a good decision. Not to be confused with Angular predecessor, AngularJS. The Angular code is the 5th most popular code today, with only the big names ahead. Such as, ReactJS and NodeJS.

Angular’s specification and uniformity make updating web applications a breeze. Being a strong type of programming language based off Javascript, it also helps catch mistakes before they’re published.

As of now, there are 1.7 million angular developers. And while you may think you have all the time in the world to hire, the market is liable to change. Hiring an Angular developer now could save you money in the future. With a 31% increase in angular employment expected between 2016 and 2026. It even outpaces general software development(24%)!

And you’re not going to just be competing with companies similar to yours. All the big names use angular, in one form or another, for their web development. Microsoft, Google, Santander, Samsung, just to name a few.

Well known companies that use Angular

Ready to get hiring?

Here we’ll walk you through the 3 routes you can take. And then check out a few companies you’ll want to look at.

What's in this guide:

3 ways to find Angular developers

Depending on your company’s needs, you may try one or all of these routes to hiring a Angular developer. None of them are inherently worse then the other. Continue reading and find what works for you.

Hiring unvetted freelancers

When looking for angular developers, using unvetted freelancers from various sites like Fiverr and Upwork is often the cheapest option. While there are high quality of talent in those pools. They are few and far between.

More often than not, these developers are hungry for experience and mark their prices down to get it. If you’re lucky you could find a diamond in the rough for very little. However if you get a developer that cannot handle your project, your project could be set back.


  • Cost - You can hire unvetted freelance developers for as little as 15$.

  • Flexibility - Hire as many unvetted developers as you want. However, understand the time invested scales with the number of freelancers hired.

Use this method if:

Hiring through this avenue is often what companies try first. And for good reason. If you or your company aren’t on a strict timeline and can handle the potential delays/hiccups. These include onboarding, check-ins, and managing the developers you hire.

You may also want to look into unvetted freelancers if you’re budget is small. Maybe you’re doing a prototype or want some small things tweaked in previously written code. However don’t cheap out for the sake of saving a few bucks. Remember “buy cheap, buy twice.”

Hiring from a talent agency

Moving down the risky scale; we have hiring from a talent agency. Agencies like Toptal and Codementor vet their developers before letting them use the service. This gives businesses like your peace of mind that you are, at the very minimum, selecting qualified candidates.

However this doesn’t mean you can hire angular developers with abandon. You still have to take into account project budget and whether or not they have completed projects similar to yours. All this along with developer personality are crucial for their success with your team.


The biggest benefit of hiring angular developers through an agency is, bar none, their level of competency.

  • Wide Selection - While the selection may be smaller than those on Upwork and Fiverr. Your business still has a wide variety of angular developers to chose from.

  • Less risky - Vetted developers charge more for the added assurance of quality. Their added skills and expertise are welcome on any team.

Use this method if:

If the budget allows for it, hiring from a talent agency is always a great idea. You get more quality than unvetted developers and it’s costs less than a fully managed development team like DevSquad. So long as you have the management structure in place to keep everyone on task.

Keep in mind, if you don’t just need angular developers you may have to hire from a few of these agencies to hire the team you need.

Hiring a fully managed development team

Hiring a fully managed team is the way to go if you have no experience managing or software development. Many software development companies can handle your project. End to end. This is the priciest option. But it’s also the most sure fire way to get a quality product with little headache. Fully managed development companies come in all sizes; from boutique to fully scalable. But they all offer:

  • Project management and consulting

  • Software engineering

  • UI/UX development

  • QA management

  • DevOps

As a fully managed software development company, DevSquad handles projects from app building to prototyping. Along with everything in-between. We don’t just work for you. We work with you to create a product that meets all your customers needs.


  • Peace of mind - when hiring companies like DevSquad you can leave it in their hands to produce your vision fast and make suggestions for improvement.

  • Expertise - Most fully managed software development companies have been around a minimum of 5 years and with dozens of project under their belt.

Use this method if:

Your company has a healthy budget, has been scorned by other developers and agencies, and doesn’t have a management structure. These companies all turn to fully managed development developer like DevSquad. You avoid the uncertainty and time consumption of freelancers.

11 companies and sites to find Angular developers

If you’re ready to choose one of the paths above and get your project going. Below are 11 companies and sites to take a look at, no matter what route you’re taking.

1. DevSquad

DevSquad home page

DevSquad, a SAAS fully managed development company, have Angular developers at their disposal to complete your project to satisfaction. Working along side our project managers, QA, UX/UI experts. You can rest assured your product will hit the ground running.

Our expertise in the field allows us to avoid the typical pitfalls in software development. Pitfalls that often cause product delays, cost overruns, and headaches for companies like yours.

User experience is our north star. A star that has guided many projects to both client and customer satisfaction alike.


Along with your requested angular developers. We supply you with:

  • Product strategy and design

  • DevOps

  • Back-end development with Laravel

  • QA management

  • Rapid product prototyping and testing

  • UX design


  • Fully managed team structure - no integration into your team needed. We bring our own.

  • Consulting and guidance - Working with you, not just for you. We can break down any step in the process and remove the technical jargon. This allows you to make the best decisions for your company.

  • Scalable - with access to as many developers as you need. We grow with you.

  • User-focused - A happy use is a repeat user.

  • Less risk - Working with us lets you take advantage of our team’s expertise and experience.

  • Less tedious - Less time managing your project means more time growing your business.


  • Cost - Hiring a fully managed team like DevSquad is the most expensive option. But it’s the option with the least risk. If you want your product done fast, efficient and up to customer satisfaction. Companies like DevSquad are your best shot.

  • Selection - If you have a management structure in place and only need more manpower, hiring a company like DevSquad is overkill. You with end up paying for UX/UI, DevOps, and others you won’t use.

2. Fiver

Fiverr Home page

The first place to check out when looking to hire unvetted freelancers is Fiverr. This is how it works. These freelancers post a gig, such as angular development. A client then clicks on the gig and chooses what tier they want to hire the freelancer for. A recent search of angular developers found the price range between 15 and 800 USD per project.


  • Unvetted freelancer services


  • Affordable - These angular developers are hungry for experience and their price reflects this.

  • Extremely wide selection - Anyone from all over the world can offer their services on Fiverr.

  • Rating system - Look at reviews other clients have left the freelancers.

  • Secure payment - Fiverr holds the money in escrow until your approve the delivered work


  • Time consuming - With no barriers to entry , a majority of your time on fiver will be screening through gigs. You have to look at their previous work, reviews, and price to find the one you need.

  • Uncertainty - Even after all the screening. Using unvetted developers allows the highest percentage of contracts to not won’t work out. This is the price you pay(no pun intended) for going this option.

3. Upwork

Founded in 1015 by Beerud Sheth, Upwork is the platform people think of when freelancing comes up. With 18 million freelancers and servicing 30% of fortune 500 companies, it’s no wonder why Upwork has grown so much in less than a decade. On Upwork you post your job and freelancers bid for your job by sending you a cover letter. You can also invite freelancers to bid.


  • Unvetted freelancer services


  • Varied cost for freelancers - Freelancers on Upwork range from those found on fiver to “Top rated”, “top rated plus” “rising talent”. These badges help separate the best from the rest.

  • Secure and easy payment system - Job payment is placed in escrow until the job is completed to satisfaction

  • User reviews - though a bit wonky, you can use user reviews to gage a candidates viability


  • Low barrier to entry - Your job posts are available for anyone to bid on.

  • Time consuming - Even though you can filter the job bids, that still leaves a ton of work to find, interview, hire and manage talent.

4. Codementor

Codementor home page

Codementor is a talent agency with a wide variety of software developers(including angular). These vetted freelance developers must pass technical and communicative assessments to use the platform. On top of vetted freelancer services. Codementor also offers mentorship services from the same freelancers you could hire.


  • Mentorships

  • Vetted Freelancer services


  • Less Risky - Escrow payments ensure you can get your money back if you’re unhappy with a freelancer’s work.

  • Verified talent - Required to pass technical and communication assessments.

  • Quick hiring process - Codementor boasts you can begin a contract with a freelancer in 6 minutes.

  • User reviews - Use user reviews to find candidates suitable for your job.


  • Most pricey freelancers - Verified freelancers charge more due to their experience

  • Software developers only - though Codementor offers a wide variety of vetted freelance developers, that is all they offer. This means if you need other talent. Such as QA, UUI, and project managers. You will have to look elsewhere.

5. YouTeam

Youteam home page

YouTeam is for those that don’t mind a time zone disparity in exchange for more talent. With over 50,000 pre-vetted developers from Europe and Latin America. Youteam Acts as a funnel from 500+ software development agencies offering you you longer term talent for your projects.

First their personal matching expert will conduct an introductory requirement meeting. They then prescreen candidates and send you a short list. As you do your own screening the matching expert is there to assist in any way needed.

They claim clients interview an average of less than 2 candidates per role. On top of that, they offer replacement contractor within two weeks, free of charge.


  • Vetted Freelancer services.


  • Vetted Talent - Youteam only works with vetted agencies on top of doing their own screening.

  • Recommendations - Youteam recommends developers based on your needs.

  • 1 month free trial - end contract instantly with no time commitment.


  • Not suitable for short term projects - YouTeam’s structure doesn’t allow for short-term projects. With the average contract being 2 years.
    Price - Due to these developers being exchanged from multiple sources, along with their higher skillset, they cost more.


Toptal offers the top 3% of freelancer talent. Talent that is used by huge companies such as Duolingo, Shopify, and the Basketball Organization Cleveland Cavaliers. Toptal offers flexibility and speed in their hiring process. Unlike Codementor, Toptal offers more than just angular developers. Here you can find the QA, UX/UI designer you also need.


  • Vetted freelancer services.


  • Vetted talent - Toptal tests their freelancers by role specific skills, communication, English proficiently and more.

  • Variety of talent - Toptal offers not only Angular developers but QU, Ux/UI, project managers, etc. They also recommend you talent.

  • Free trial - Verify freelancers by trying them out for the first two weeks free.


  • Costlier side of freelance hiring - On average Toptal freelancers charge more than other platforms.

  • 500$ down payment mandatory.

7. home page

Ava codes is a front end software development company with Angular experience. Based in Ukraine, the 7 year old company won Ukrainian business’ of the year in 2022. They offer front end development along with UX/UI services. Though not a fully managed software developer, Ava codes can assist in the manpower aspect as you manage them.


  • Custom front-end development

  • UX/UI design


  • Experience - is a 7 year company with accolades.

  • Scalability - Ava codes workforce can expand or shrink as you need them

  • Dedicated team, part time or full-time workload - You only pay for when they work. covers sick time and paid leave.


  • Regional instability - The Russia- Ukraine war has disrupted much of that region

  • Cost - These are not freelancer developers, thus they will cost more.

8. iTechArt

iTechArt home page

iTechArt is a New York City based software development company. Helping startups and mature businesses alike, they offer both developer outsourcing with your inhouse team and fully managed product development.


  • Developer outsourcing

  • Fully managed product development


  • Scalability- 3,500+ developers across easter Europe.

  • Options- you can choose either outsources manpower or a fully managed development.


  • Requirements - Must hire 2 developers for a minimum of 40 hours a week.

  • Time zones - you may have to juggle time-zone disparity.

9. Moldoweb

Moldoweb homepage

With 5+ years in angular development and 70% of project using the framework. You can set your mind at ease that Moldoweb can handle it.


  • Fully managed development services

  • Developer outsourcing

  • IT consulting


  • Flexibility - You have options when hiring Moldoweb as they offer a variety of services.

  • Experience


  • Time zones- Moldoweb is based in Romania

10. Sombra Inc

Sombra Inc home page

With 250+ experts, 200+ projects, and 9 years in operation, Sombra has been there and done that. While specialists in the Fintech market, they have also worked with hotels, photographers, medical professionals and more.


  • Team Scaling services.

  • Fully managed software development.

  • Delegation of development services.

  • Software modernization and cloud migration.


  • Experience - Sombra Inc is a 9 year veteran in the software development space.

  • Tailored to suit your needs- they offer a wide variety of services.


  • Time Zones

11. Bamboo Agile

Bamboo Agile home page

A boutique software development company, Bamboo Agile began as a Value added services company for mobile network providers. Now 20 years later, they have a experienced team of over 100+ software specialists. All with at least 5 years experience.


  • Custom software development

  • Software project rescue

  • Telecom systems integration


  • 20+ years of experience


  • Scalability - While having over 100 developers, they are all specialists. If you need to scale with a specific type(such as angular) they may not have the manpower to satisfy your needs.

12. Rare crew

Rare Crew home page

Founded in 2011, RareCrew is a fully managed software development agency out of Slovakia. They are a Clutch IO top Slovakian developer with 150 professionals( among them angular developers).


  • Fully managed Software development

  • Business intelligence and analytics

  • Products


  • Experience


  • Time zones

With the demand for angular developers on the rise. Getting in now could be a huge boon for your company. But that doesn’t mean rush out and hire one without careful consideration. Know what's best for your company and take your time. As a poorly hired developer could do more harm than good.

Learn more about hiring Angular developers and a fully managed product team with DevSquad.

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