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I feel like DevSquad is an extension of our team. When we first met them, it made me realize, the resources, the time, the cost… everything that would come along with a group like this would be far more advantageous than trying to do it on our own.

Austin Miller
CEO, IsoTalent & T-Launch
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From that first discussion came several ideas for features that I hadn’t even considered, ways to modify the ones I did want to do a better job, and we also trimmed back on features that really weren’t necessary that would have taken more time and cost more money.

Stephen Henderson
VP of Product Marketing, Musician’s Toolkit
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Our relationship and our level of communication is as if they were our own in-house team. They feel ownership in our product, and they know our product really well. Our development possibilities with DevSquad are endless.

Drew Sparks
CEO at SwellCX
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Swell helps businesses connect with their customers by measuring NPS, collecting reviews, and monitoring customer satisfaction with one simple tool.

Helps used car dealers buy inventory faster and at greater profit margins. The product includes data analysis features to help buyers understand their inventory and make better decisions.

Cloud content management empowering enterprises to revolutionize how they work by securely connecting their people, information, and applications, across the U.S., Europe, and Asia since 2005.

USSKI (US Ski and Snowboarding) is an Olympic sports organization that supports tens of thousands of skiers and snowboarders, helping them achieve excellence in their sport.


As an extension of your operating team, ADP can help you create value by optimizing human capital management (HCM) across your entire portfolio, and throughout the investment life cycle.

A venture funded start-up focused on music education, with professionals — some of the music industry’s finest and most distinguished — who teach to help students get a leg up in the music world.

Helps small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs secure the best business loans, project funding, and financing education options — $150 million in funding and counting since 2013.

A family company that has served the power tool, construction and woodworking communities for 75+ years, offering a huge inventory of tools, parts, accessories, and equipment globally.

Recreated legendary tunes in a multi-stem format. With their iOS and Web app, isolate parts to learn, or mute them to play along. Make a custom mix, then build a setlist you can take on the road.

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