Product design
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business strategy and dev expertise

We take ownership of every product we build. That’s why our strategists and designers know how to create user-centric product plans that work.

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Waves Ball
The strategists and product managers at DevSquad can think in big-picture terms and they also have the skills and UX perspective to translate those goals into actual workflows. The time DevSquad takes to get aligned makes all the difference.
Michael Hussey
President at StatSocial
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Michael Hussey
A great prototype is your protection against internal confusion, low-value products, and wasted development costs. We build increasingly higher fidelity prototypes that your product team and your users can play with and test so you can get everyone on the same page and build something users want.
User interface design
We believe in building products that users can learn in minutes, not months. Our world-class UX designers work closely with the product strategists and developers on our team to create something that is not only beautiful but effective in helping users achieve their desired outcomes.
user interface design
user testing
User testing
Your feedback isn’t the only thing we take into consideration when creating high fidelity prototypes. Based on your internal resources, budget, user segments, and the potential impact of the project, we craft custom user testing projects to collect feedback from as many target users as possible.
Digital product redesign
An outdated interface causes churn, low upgrade rates, and high support ticket volumes. We’ll give your software the clean, simple UX that users love so you can win over more customers and keep the ones you already have.
digital product redesign
ball user flow optimization
User flow optimization
Every user flow matters. We take your data and turn it into experiments to improve onboarding, earn more upgrades, and hook users on advanced features. Our go-to product data studio is Mixpanel, but we can work with any data source.
Product concept generation
Whether your team is starting with a problem statement or a dozen different ideas to solve that problem, we can help. We’ll use our story mapping process to chart out different user stories and identify the simplest flows, features, and products.
product concept generation
product roadmapping
Product roadmapping
Small and scrappy or ambitious and competitive— we’ll help you create the right roadmap to meet business and user goals. Our product strategists, designers, and senior developers also work together to create the backlog required to build any prototype you design with us.
Technology assessment
After we craft a strategic design, we can help you choose the best way to build it. Whether you need to migrate your application to a modern framework or you want to launch with developer- favorite tools, our team can guide your way.
technology assessment
dev team recommendations
Dev team recommendations
A great design will remain just a great design, unless you have the resources to build it. Based on your ideal timeline, we can recommend the ideal team. At DevSquad, every team of developers and designers is supported by technical product managers, product strategists, QA engineers, tech leads, and DevOps engineers.
Prototyping and backlog creation with our Sprint Zero service

We’ve distilled the essentials of our product strategy and design approach into a 6-week process perfect for new SaaS businesses or small internal tools.

Waves Ball
We can provide a vision of what we want without the full path of how we'll get there, and DevSquad starts offering up how they see us achieving the end goal.
John Allen
Senior Software Engineer, Box
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John Allen
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