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Legacy App Modernization Services

Why modernize

When you undergo a legacy migration or modernization project with DevSquad, you get these essential benefits.


Increase performance

Boost the performance and scalability of your application, so it keeps pace with user demands.


Unlock future innovation

Easily adapt to changing needs as an organization. Add new features without breaking your software.


Reduce security risks

Get rid of legacy systems that leave your organization vulnerable to attacks. Protect user data.


Lower maintenance costs

Maintain your systems at a lower monthly cost by relying on modern, cloud-based technology.

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How we helped FundWise increase approval efficiency by over 400%

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"They manage every part of the development process, and their speed reflects their experience"

Isaac Freckleton
Isaac Freckleton COO of Fundwise

The DevSquad approach to modernization

Ready to modernize the software that’s keeping your organization stuck? Revamp your systems with the company that prioritizes your users and long-term goals.



Focus only on improving the underlying technology

Other software development firms are happy to lift your system from one outdated platform to a more modern one. But do they have a proven process for strategizing user needs, prototyping a new design, and testing it with real users? Probably not.


Risk choosing technology that will soon be outdated

Every consulting firm has its favorite frameworks, and they’ll happily sell you on them, despite global trends or warning signs that the technology is on its way out. You’ll be stuck with technology that developers hate, making it impossible to acquire great talent in the future.


Spend years working on the modernization project

Most software development agencies will say “yes” to whatever you ask them to build. They’ll rebuild your entire legacy application, without questioning which features and user flows are truly essential. Your budget and project timeline will bloat with each passing month.



Make decisions based on your product and user strategy

At DevSquad, we don’t start modernizing your software until we have a clear understanding of how users use the system, what they need to achieve, and what new features they desperately crave. This user-focused strategy dictates every decision.


Rely on developer-favorite frameworks with staying power

We help you migrate your legacy system to the most popular frontend and backend frameworks depending on the type of app (web, mobile, or desktop). Why? The more developers that are using them, the more likely that these technologies will persist for years or even decades into the future.


Access a Silicon Valley-style, high-performing team

Our average timeline for building brand-new products is 5 months. For modernization projects, we average 7 months. We work 2X faster than our competitors because we empower developers with low-code frameworks, ruthlessly prioritize key features for launch, and continuously develop new features during the maintenance phase.

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Businesses and organizations choose DevSquad for our modern frameworks, empowered development speed, and no-nonsense approach. 

Our legacy app modernization process

Don’t put the cart before the horse. Kickstart your project by honing in on what users really need.


step 1

Strategy workshop

We start by taking a look at your current system, its information architecture, and underlying technology. Then, we dive into how users currently use the system and what they need to achieve. We brainstorm new user flows to help them cross off tasks faster.


step 2

Design, prototyping, and
user testing

The vast majority of legacy applications need to be modernized (not just migrated). So the next phase is the UX design of your re-imagined software. We test the prototype with real users to validate it before moving on.


step 3


With a validated application prototype, we’re ready to move on to development. You get all of the talent you need in a high-performing team. Your technical product manager keeps development on track and communicates with you proactively. Your DevOps engineer manages the launch and system performance. And, we ensure the usability of your current system during the transition period.


step 4

Ongoing improvement

After your modernized software is launched, it’s time to improve upon it. We maintain the quality of all existing functionality. Plus, we design and develop new features according to a continuously updated roadmap.

Legacy Migration vs. Legacy Modernization

Which is right for you?
Legacy App Migration Legacy App Modernization
Enhance security
Reduce maintenance and development costs
Switch to modern development frameworks
Move system to the cloud
Updated application and user strategy
Improve UX design
Reflow features
Future roadmap planning

Maintain functionality while upgrading your systems

At DevSquad, we develop a comprehensive plan for tackling modernization. Whether revitalizing your internal systems or customer-facing software, we ensure that applications remain operational during the transition process.

How we modernized a long-running and successful family business

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“DevSquad knew exactly how to handle the modernization project without losing any revenue in the meantime.”

Amy Neely Owner of MMToolParts

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between migration and modernization?


While a legacy migration project consists of “lifting and shifting” your software from one backend system to another, a modernization project involves new strategy and design. The vast majority of our projects are modernization projects, because if your software is outdated, that means your strategy is as well. It’s best to begin by focusing on user needs and redesigning the application accordingly. Many old features can be deprecated or reimagined.

What factors should I consider when choosing legacy migration and modernization services?


When choosing a company to migrate and modernize your legacy application, make sure they use modern development frameworks like React, Laravel, Vue.js, Node.js, and Angular. The company should also provide fully managed development services so you don’t have to orchestrate different collaborators. Make sure the firm offers product strategy, prototyping, and user testing so that their application redesign is validated by new users —instead of operating based on assumptions.

How can I ensure that we meet our goals for legacy modernization?


Choose an application modernization firm that takes a holistic approach. They should not only be able to consult on technology improvements, but organization goals and user demands. Make sure there is a plan in place to address current technological issues as well as future innovation.

What are the top reasons to migrate a legacy application to the cloud?


Migrating a legacy application to the cloud offers several advantages. It enhances scalability and flexibility, allowing you to easily adapt to changing workloads and demands. Cloud migration often results in cost savings by eliminating the need for extensive on-premises infrastructure maintenance. And, you can also achieve improved security, as cloud providers invest heavily in robust security measures. Most importantly, when you migrate your legacy application to the cloud, you unlock future potential through faster development speeds, better user experience, and happier development teams.

Why choose DevSquad as your legacy software modernization company

High-level strategy

<p>Practical strategy for achieving core goals</p>

Practical strategy for achieving core goals

<p>UX design, prototyping, and user testing</p>

UX design, prototyping, and user testing

<p>Modern information architecture and development frameworks</p>

Modern information architecture and development frameworks

All the talent you need, fully managed

<p>Product manager as your main point of contact</p>

Product manager as your main point of contact

<p>Development stays on track according to plan</p>

Development stays on track according to plan

<p>DevOps, tech leads, and QA included</p>

DevOps, tech leads, and QA included

Time and Cost

Smart cost savings

<p>Pay month to month</p>

Pay month to month

<p>Top talent from Latin America</p>

Top talent from Latin America

<p>Library of pre-built elements and integrations</p>

Library of pre-built elements and integrations

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