6 Best Sites for Hiring Reactjs Developers & Which To Choose

Tobi Moyela


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Are you looking to hire ReactJS developers? If so, you are in good company. A 2022 survey revealed that 42.62% of software developers use ReactJS, making it the second most popular web framework. In fact, over a million ReactJS websites have gone live since ReactJS first launched in 2013.

ReactJS developers are in high demand because it’s an effective open-source front-end development tool for building web applications, especially single-page applications. Businesses prefer web apps built as single-page applications because they update and change dynamically. Such web apps offer an enhanced user experience by letting users view more information without the hassle of switching pages.

Besides web development, you can hire a ReactJS developer for app development. For instance, developers use React Native to build user-friendly and interactive iOS and Android mobile applications.

Companies that hire ReactJS developers are typically in the e-commerce, finance, gaming, or social media industry. If you are in another niche, hiring ReactJS developers is still a sound investment if you want a cross-platform, fast, responsive, and UX-optimized web or mobile app. Popular apps built completely or partially with ReactJS include Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest.

3 best ways to hire ReactJS developers

ReactJS’ open-source nature simplifies front-end mobile and web app development. How? Open-source developers save time and effort by using existing code and libraries to build their own apps. Also, ReactJS offers various pre-built components that developers can easily integrate into a project to fast-track development.

Lastly, developers can customize ReactJS’ Javascript library (modify codes and add new features) to match their needs. However, while it’s user-friendly and flexible, using ReactJS still requires a specific skill set. Instead of spending time and money learning these skills to build your app or website, you could just hire a ReactJS developer.

How can you hire ReactJS developers with the requisite skills and competence for your project? Generally, you have three options, which we expand on below:

1. Hiring unvetted freelancers

Hiring an unvetted freelancer for your ReactJS project involves retaining a programmer with unverified qualifications and competence. A freelancer with unverified skills won’t necessarily be incapable of fulfilling your project to your satisfaction. However, it is riskier than working with a vetted freelance programmer.

For example, engaging an unvetted ReactJS developer only to discover a month later that they are a bad fit will lead to wasted product development time and resources. On platforms like Upwork, hundreds of freelancers who offer ReactJS website and application development services are available. While many of the platform’s freelancers are unvetted, you can find the best ReactJS developers by looking at their ratings and work histories.


As we’ve stated, using unvetted ReactJS developers poses certain risks. However, hiring ReactJS developers from freelance websites also has potential advantages that could outweigh the dangers. Some of these advantages are:

  • Lower Costs: Unvetted freelancers typically charge less to compete with vetted and more experienced ReactJS developers. So, hiring an unvetted ReactJS developer who turns out to be competent could save you a lot of money.

  • Flexibility: Unvetted freelancers are typically more flexible with working hours and project requirements. So, if you want a ReactJS developer who can bend over backward to do things your way (even if you are wrong), you might want an unvetted freelancer.

  • Availability: Unvetted freelancers are usually more willing to take on projects of any size on short notice. These freelancers are more readily available because it positions them to compete with vetted developers who can afford to be picky.

Who this method is a fit for

Unvetted freelancers are a good fit for startups, individuals, or other organizations with a small budget. Also, you can hire ReactJS developers without vetting if you have a small project with a short turnaround time.

However, we do not recommend making your budget deliberately small. If you can spend more on software development, do it so you can hire a high-quality developer who will require minimal supervision and be reliable.

2. Sourcing ReactJS developers from a talent agency

If you want to hire React developers with less risk, consider hiring from a talent agency or platforms like Toptal or Codementor. These platforms vet developers before allowing them to sign up and offer services. The vetting process ensures users can only pick from a pool of competent and experienced developers for their projects.

While these platforms only offer competent ReactJS developers, you still have to pick one that fits your budget and project. You can hire a ReactJS developer that fits your project by looking for one who has completed projects like yours. Also, looking into a developer’s personality before hiring is crucial because working with someone is easier if you can get along with them.


The number one benefit of hiring a ReactJS developer through a talent agency is you can only pick from a pool of competent individuals. Selecting from such a pool makes you less likely to hire ReactJS developers who cannot complete your project to your satisfaction. Other benefits are:

  • Cost-Effective: Vetted developers typically charge more than unvetted freelancers. However, you will get your money’s worth since vetted developers are usually more experienced and skilled. Also, hiring from a talent agency is still cheaper than having an in-house developer team.

  • Options: Hiring from a talent agency provides access to a large pool of talent for your project. Even if you hire the wrong developer, you can always get a better one from the talent agency to take over your project.

Who this method is a fit for

Small to medium companies or individuals with a reasonable budget usually hire ReactJS developers from talent agencies. Such hirers may require more than one ReactJS developer. Also, such hirers typically have an in-house product development team or a product roadmap for tracking and guiding the developer’s work.

3. Hiring ReactJS developers as part of a fully managed team

Various software development agencies are available, including agencies for end-to-end large-scale development. Such agencies can provide you with a fully managed team that includes ReactJS developers and other experts for:

  • Product management and strategizing

  • Software engineering

  • UI/UX development

  • QA management

  • DevOps

For example, at DevSquad, we handle every step of product development for clients who want to build an app or website with ReactJS. Since our team is fully scalable, we can take on projects of all sizes.


If you hire ReactJS developers as part of a fully managed team, it will cost more. However, the price is worth every penny because our fully managed development services reduce your workload so you can focus on other aspects of running your business. Other benefits include:

  • Convenience: Hiring our fully managed team to handle product development allows you to be as hands-off as you want. We handle everything from technical development and UX/UI design to business strategy and quality assurance management. Also, since we take care of everything, you can avoid the hassle of hiring multiple specialists to handle other aspects of your product development.

  • Guarantee: Our fully managed team guarantees customer satisfaction. We accomplish this by iterating and testing products before releasing a market-ready version. Even if there are bugs after release, we are happy to fix them and ensure your product is perfect for end users.

As long as you don’t mind entrusting your entire website or app development to someone else, working with a fully managed team is the way to go.

Who this method is a fit for

Working with a fully managed team is perfect for individuals or companies who want to avoid the hassle and uncertainty of hiring freelancers. It’s also ideal if you prefer to let a reliable professional handle your product development from start to finish so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

6 top sites for hiring ReactJS developers

As we’ve shown, hiring a ReactJS developer has several benefits, but the benefits you will experience will depend on who you hire. To help simplify finding the ideal developer for your project and product, we’ve compiled the top agencies and sites for hiring the best ReactJS developers. Keep reading to discover the websites that made our list and why they made our list.

1. DevSquad

hire reactjs developer

DevSquad is a favorite among SaaS companies looking to hire ReactJS developers and a fully managed team. As a full-service product development company, we handle everything from strategizing and prototyping to developing and launching digital products.

Letting our experts handle all aspects of your product development can speed up your time to market, preventing delays, cost overruns, and other project-related issues. When you work with us, we assign a team of dedicated ReactJS developers to you.

Besides ReactJS developers, other specialists we will assign to your project include product strategists, technical product managers, UX designers, DevOps Engineers, and QA analysts. Since we prioritize user experience above all else, expect us to deliver nothing less than a finished product optimized for your end users.


We offer several development services alongside front-end development with ReactJS. These other services include:


  • Fully Managed Team Structure: We provide a fully managed team to manage all aspects of your product development.

  • Strategic Guidance: We offer strategic guidance that will lead you toward making well-informed product development decisions.

  • Scalable: Our scalable structure ensures that you always have access to as many or as few developers as you need for your project.

  • User-Focused: We operate with a user-first mindset that ensures your finished mobile or web application satisfies your target consumers.

  • Less Risk: Working with our fully managed product team allows you to benefit from our combined experience and expertise. Our expertise will help eliminate risks that may lead to production delays or an unsatisfactory finished product.

  • Less Tedious: Hiring ReactJS developers can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you need to hire more than one. Instead of sorting through several resumes and applications, work with our fully managed team and have access to all the specialists you need for your project.


  • Cost: Hiring a fully managed team like DevSquad can be pricey, but it’s worth it because you can access all the expertise you need to complete your project successfully.

  • Selection: If you only need to hire ReactJS developers, a fully managed team like DevSquad is unnecessary. Hiring DevSquad means paying for developers, product managers, QA, or UX designers that you won’t use.

Click here to learn how DevSquad can simplify building the perfect SaaS product for your target customers.

2. Fiverr

sites to hire reactjs developers

Fiverr is an online marketplace for connecting with freelancers. You can find freelancers for various jobs, including ReactJS developers. However, before you hire ReactJS developers through Fiverr, you should know that freelancers on the website are unvetted.

On the upside, Fiverr has a rating system and user reviews. With the ratings and reviews, you can identify competent freelancers with the best track records. Also, since Fiverr freelancers are unvetted, they are more budget-friendly. However, the highest-rated freelancers on the platform typically charge higher rates.


With Fiverr, you can find freelance ReactJS developers anywhere in the world. So, if you need an English or French-speaking developer, you can find one on the platform. You can also use the platform to source freelancers to manage other aspects of your digital product development.


  • Affordable: Fiverr freelancers are generally more affordable because they are unvetted. The affordability ensures you can find a freelancer for your job, regardless of your budget.

  • Options: You can hire as many freelance ReactJS developers as you need for your project.

  • 24/7 Support: The platform offers round-the-clock support to help users who experience issues.

  • Rating System: The rating system simplifies identifying the most qualified ReactJS developers on the platform.

  • Secure Payment: The platform won’t release payment to a freelancer until you approve the delivered work.


  • Unvetted Freelancers: Sorting through hundreds of unvetted freelancers can be tedious. Also, some freelancers have fake reviews that can mislead users about their quality, leading to hiring the wrong person.

  • Uncertainty: You are at a freelancer’s mercy and won’t know if they have done a good job until the end. Selecting the wrong freelancer can lead to delays that compromise your production schedule.

3. Toptal

best sites to hire reactjs developers

Toptal is another online marketplace for hiring freelancers, including ReactJS developers. However, unlike Fiverr, Toptal vets its freelancers, ensuring you can only hire ReactJS developers who are competent and skilled. In fact, Toptal’s vetting process is so strict that only 3% of freelancers who apply to join the site get accepted.

Toptal also simplifies finding the perfect freelancer for projects by pairing users with freelancers that best match their requirements. Lastly, before settling on a freelancer, you can test-run them for up to two weeks for free. If you do not enjoy the freelancer’s services, you can switch to someone who is a better fit.


Toptal helps businesses find the best freelancer for their projects. While the platform does not offer end-to-end software development services, you can use it to hire other freelancers for business strategy, product management, Laravel development, and more.


  • No-Risk Trial: You can verify if a freelancer is a good fit by trying them out free for up to two weeks.

  • Vetted Freelancers: Since the platform rigorously tests and vets every freelancer, you can only choose from a competent pool of candidates. Besides role-specific skills, Toptal tests freelancers’ communication skills, English proficiency, attitude, and more to ensure you get a good worker.

  • High User Satisfaction: Toptal users have a low project failure rate due to the quality of freelancers on the platform.


  • Time: Finding and onboarding a compatible freelancer can take up to three weeks on Toptal, especially if you have a niche project.

  • Quite Pricey: You must deposit a $500 down payment to use Toptal. Also, Toptal freelancers charge more than freelancers on other platforms, but that’s understandable considering their quality.

4. Codementor

website for hiring react developers

Codementor is a platform filled with all types of software developers, and each developer is a specialist. These developers are so experienced that they even offer mentorship services via Codementor. The platform’s top mentors include book authors, open-source contributors, tech company engineers, and top Stack Overflow users.

What if you want someone to develop your software instead of talking you through it? Mentors on the platform also offer freelance developer services, such as ReactJS development. You can hire ReactJS developers via Codementor by sharing details of your project and connecting with developers who are a good fit. The platform will release payment to a hired freelancer after you confirm project completion.


Codementor helps businesses and individuals connect with highly experienced freelance developers. Each developer undergoes vetting to confirm their skills, experience, and ability to complete projects. Depending on your needs, you can hire ReactJS developers by-the-hour or long-term.


  • Risk-Free: Escrow payments ensure you can get your money back if you are unhappy with a freelancer’s work.

  • Verified Talent: All freelancers on the platform have passed technical and communications assessments to verify their competence.

  • Quick Hiring Process: You can start work with a freelancer within six minutes of joining the platform.

  • User Reviews: You can use user reviews to find the most suitable developer for your project.


  • Software Developers Only: You can only hire software developers for your project on Codementor. If you need QA analysts or product managers, you must get them from another platform.

5. Ikayzo

reactjs development

Ikayzo is a web and mobile app development firm based in Hawaii. The team builds dynamic, cross-platform websites and apps with Angular.js or React. Its clients include finance, fashion, pharmaceutical, gaming, and education institutions.

However, since Ikayzo is a full-service company, you cannot hire the team for just ReactJS development. On the upside, Ikayzo can handle all aspects of your software development and recommend solutions to help you achieve your business goals.


Ikayzo develops apps with responsive designs for smartphones, tablets, computers, web, and kiosk platforms. You can contact the full-service creative agency for:

  • Web design

  • Application design

  • User experience design

  • 2D/3D illustration

  • Motion graphics


  • Experienced Team: Ikayzo’s team includes designers and developers who build user-focused apps and websites.

  • Full-Service Agency: The team has ReactJS developers and other specialists that can handle all aspects of your web or app development.


  • Limited Scalability: Since Ikayzo has a small team, there is a limit to how quickly and efficiently it can scale up operations to cope with large or complex projects. The team’s size also affects how many jobs Ikayzo can take, leading to long client waitlists.

  • Selection: If you only need to hire ReactJS developers, you may not need a full-service agency like Ikayzo. Working with such an agency means paying for services you may not use.

6. YouTeam

where to find react developers

If you are outside the U.S., YouTeam is an excellent option for hiring ReactJS developers. The platform has over 50,000 pre-vetted software engineers and developers in European and Latin American countries.

YouTeam’s process to hire ReactJS developers is straightforward. You only need to fill a form and list your project’s details and budget. After submitting your form, the platform will list potential freelancers who match your requirements. You can then select from the list and use YouTeam’s one-month free trial to confirm the freelancer’s suitability for your project.


YouTeam connects companies with software developers and designers for full-time or long-term projects. Every freelancer on the platform has at least three years of experience in their respective fields.


  • Vetted Freelancers: Every engineer on the platform undergoes a thorough vetting process to confirm their communication skills, technical proficiency, and more.

  • Matching Experts: YouTeam will build a candidate list and conduct pre-interviews on your behalf to ensure you only connect with candidates who match your needs.

  • One-Month Free Trial: You can stop using a freelancer after the first month if they do not meet your expectations. Also, YouTeam provides a satisfaction-based refund policy that allows you to get your money back if a freelancer underperforms.


  • Long-Term Projects Only: YouTeam freelancers mostly seek full-time or long-term projects.

  • Price: YouTeam freelancers charge more than ReactJS developers on platforms like Fiverr.

  • Onboarding Delays: It can take seven days or more to match with a suitable freelancer.

Why go through the hassle of finding, interviewing, and sorting through hundreds of people to hire a ReactJS developer? Avoid hassles by working with DevSquad. We will provide you with ReactJS developers and every other specialist you need to take your product development from ideation to launch.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your product development goals.

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