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Services for government agencies

Build apps for end users or streamline even the most complex internal processes.

Mobile App

Mobile App Development

Create reliable mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Web App

Web App Development

Develop fast, cloud-based software accessible from anywhere.


Internal-Use Software

Revitalize internal-use applications and automate new processes.

DevOps Engeneers

Software Modernization

Revamp the architecture, design, and speed of existing platforms.


Cloud Infrastructure

Harness cloud computing with a comprehensive plan.

Software Integration

Software Integration

Integrate your government’s apps with other critical systems.

The DevSquad approach to software development

Are you looking for Silicon Valley-level quality? You found it.



Guess what works

Other software development companies will accept your assumptions at face value without diving into real user requests and feedback.


Wait 18 months or longer

Most agencies love pitching and building massive apps so they can lock you into big contracts. The result is complex software and long timelines.


Use out-of-date technology

Choose the wrong software development firm, and you could wind up with the wrong technology. Don’t get stuck with frameworks that are on their way out.


Continue to operate on assumptions

Most software development agencies do not validate ideas initially—let alone throughout the partnership. Everything you build will be a guess.



Validate before building

No matter the project, we always conduct a thorough strategy and discovery process. This includes prototyping and real user feedback.


Launch V1 in 3 to 9 months

At DevSquad, we strategize the best version 1 of your software product. We’re able to modernize or launch apps in under 9 months.


Choose developer-favorite frameworks

We build with frameworks that developers love, because the more popular they are, the better their staying power and the easier they are to use.


Get an effective process for ongoing discovery

With our dual-track agile approach, we run discovery sprints concurrently with delivery sprints so that every new idea is validated before development.

Squares Circles

 Discover your best path forward

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Our process for government software development

Every project kicks off with a focus on the user.



Product Strategy

We offer Design Sprints inspired by Google’s own product strategy process. Whether you’re building a new app or bringing an outdated platform into the modern age, we provide thorough product strategy to ensure that the app meets real user needs in the best possible way.



Prototyping & Testing

Once we have the perfect concept for Version 1 of your product, our UX/UI designers craft a prototype. We then share this prototype with your team and real users to get their feedback on the design and whether or not it meets their needs. We reiterate the prototype before moving on to development.



Version 1 Development

Once the prototype is validated, it’s time to build. We launch Version 1 of your new software or the first phase of your modernization project as quickly as possible. This way, users can start interacting with the most critical features and we can collect even more user feedback.



Continuous Improvement

By the time Version 1 is launched, we’re already hard on work on the next sprint. Discovery and delivery sprints run concurrently with the appropriate collaborators so that our development team always has validated features and upgrades to work on. You can rest easy knowing that new ideas get vetted.



Optional Handover & Team Training

Do you want your internal IT and software teams to take the reigns? We provide team training in maintaining and updating your product and are always available for questions that may arise. 

Everyone you need is included 

 Get all of the talent required in one expertly managed team


Product Strategists

Get high-level strategy straight from our CEO and CTO, who’ve overseen 100+ successful projects.


Technical Product Managers

All of our product managers were formerly developers, so they know how to keep teams on track.


UX/UI Designers

Enjoy modern, easy-to-use product design from our Utah-based UX/UI designers.


Mid-level & Senior Developers

Gain access to talented, experienced developers from Latin America.


Tech Leads & DevOps Engineers

Our tech leads and DevOps engineers handle security, deployment, and updates.


QA Managers

Every product is continuously tested by QA pros using automated and manual testing methods.

Frequently asked questions about software development for governments

What should government agencies look for in a software development company?


Government agencies should seek out a software development partner that uses agile development to phase out projects strategically and respond to changing demands. At the end of the day, what really matters is the end user, whether that’s a citizen or government official. Be sure to choose a company that has proven processes in place to discover the needs of users and ensure that the software project meets them in a straightforward, cost-effective way.

What are the best software development frameworks for government applications?


Laravel and Node.js are our top picks for the backend. React and Vue.js are our favorites for the front end. For mobile, we opt for React Native. These tools enable government agencies to bring ideas to life, collaborate efficiently, and deliver exceptional products.

What is software modernization?


Software modernization refers to the process of improving an existing application with modern architecture, framework, and design. Software modernization not only keeps users happy, but it often results in lower maintenance costs and faster innovation—as technology is no longer a hindrance. Occasionally, a platform can be lifted and shifted from an outdated framework to something more future-proof. But more often, old-school applications need to undergo a complete redesign. They usually need an updated strategy, product roadmap, UX design, and fresh development to truly meet current user needs.

Why choose DevSquad as your software development partner


Comprehensive strategy

<p>Focus on end-user goals and user experience</p>

Focus on end-user goals and user experience

<p>Smart roadmaps and project phasing</p>

Smart roadmaps and project phasing

<p>Practical, long-lasting technology decisions</p>

Practical, long-lasting technology decisions


Modern frameworks and approach

<p>Laravel, React, Vue.js, and other future-proof tech</p>

Laravel, React, Vue.js, and other future-proof tech

<p>Dual-track agile process for discovery and delivery</p>

Dual-track agile process for discovery and delivery

<p>Focus on end-user needs and experience</p>

Focus on end-user needs and experience

Time and Cost

Intelligent cost savings

<p>Month-to-month subscription </p>

Month-to-month subscription 

<p>US strategists and designers, Latin American developers</p>

US strategists and designers, Latin American developers

<p>Library of pre-built elements and integrations</p>

Library of pre-built elements and integrations

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