React Native Developers Supported by a High-Performing Product Team

From strategy to quality assurance, your react native developers are fully supported

Pros in react native
Manage by a proactive product manager
pay as you go, no long-term contracts

Hiring React Native developers presents a lot of pitfalls...

it's hard to find great talent
you need to orchestrate an entire team
they don't manage themselves
hiring is a huge commitment

...but we're here to solve all of those problems.

React Native development for winning mobile apps

We craft competitive mobile apps. React Native offers faster time to market (which means lower project costs for you). It's a developer favorite. Because of its shared code base, developers can focus more on features and less on coding. With improved performance, better user experiences, and supreme flexibility, React Native earns its title as the future of mobile development. The framework can process high amounts of work in lightweight apps, allowing endless opportunities for functionality and scalability.

Through DevSquad, you can acquire experienced React Native developers who are supported by an entire product team running optimized processes for discovery, development, and deployment.

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Your dev team is ready

The talent you need to launch a mobile app that competes to win

2-6 Developers

Depending on your needs, we'll recommend 2-6 developers, who will work on your project exclusively.

1 Product Manager

Your PM will quarterback the project. Keep in touch via phone, Slack, and your Jira dashboard.

1 UI/UX Designer

You'll have an experienced UX designer on your team who knows how to design sticky products.

VP Team

You and your product manager are always coached by our VP team (like having your own CPO).

QA Team

Using exploratory and automated testing methods, our QA engineers are passionate about quality.

DevOps Team

From security to scalability, our DevOps team is onboard to ensure product performance.

Expert React Native development. Month to month. No long term contracts.

We're so good at what we do, we don't need lock clients into long term contracts or pitch too-big development projects. We build strategically small apps with beautiful UX. You pay our services as you go. Cancel anytime, for any reason.

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Innovative Businesses Trust DevSquad

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We help you get it right the first time

Avoid the dangers of working with a dev agency that just says yes to all of your requests.

Product strategy and prototyping

Before we build a new, unvalidated product, we run through our Design Sprint process, which includes solution workshopping, low and high fidelity prototyping, and user research.

Dual-Track agile

We use a dual-track agile process--meaning we run development and discovery sprints continuously. While building vetted features, we're always strategizing. researching, prototyping the next sprint.

Optimized deployment

We move fast. Most products are ready to launch in 3 to 9 months. And with our optimized playbooks and expert DevOps engineers, we continuously release updates quickly.

Hear from our customers

Who have a first-hand look at our processes


“They take time to understand our own go-to-market strategy and build our product with that in mind.”


“We probably saved one to two years in terms of development time. I'm excited that we have a partner.”

Counting Works

“I have peace of mind that I found a partner, not a vendor. Someone who is there for the long run.”

Build the most strategic, competitive version of your app

Your react native developers and product team are ready to go

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