How to Hire a JavaScript Programmer: 21 Sites for Outsourcing

Tobi Moyela


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You are not alone if you are looking to hire a JavaScript programmer. Fortunately, JavaScript programmers are plentiful. According to Statista, the JavaScript programming language community has over 17.4 million software developers. Also, JavaScript is the most used programming language, with over 65% of software developers worldwide using it.

JavaScript Programming

  1. Website Development: JavaScript is a server-side and client-side programming language used by 98.3% of all existing websites (over 50 million websites). The JS scripting language is so popular because it simplifies building interactive and dynamic websites.

  2. Front-End Web Development: Front-end developers use JS to build highly functional user interfaces. They achieve this by using JavaScript to manipulate a webpage’s HTML and CSS.

  3. Back-End Development: JavaScript back-end developers can use Node.js for server-side development. They can also build server-side applications, APIs, and services with frameworks like Express.js or NestJS.

  4. Mobile App Development: Developers can build cross-platform mobile apps with JavaScript frameworks like React Native and NativeScript. Such apps can work on both iOS and Android platforms.

  5. Single-Page Applications (SPAs): JavaScript developers use JS frameworks like Angular.js, React.js, or Vue.js to build SPAs. SPAs provide a smoother and more seamless user experience by allowing users to view all content on one page.

  6. Plugin and Library Development: JavaScript developers can build reusable plugins and libraries to boost an existing framework's functionality. They also build WordPress plugins and themes that can boost a WordPress site’s interactivity and functionality.

As you can see, you have a lot to gain if you hire a JavaScript programmer. However, with millions of JavaScript programmers to choose from, how and where can you find the right expert for your project? All your answers are here, starting with if you should hire a freelance JavaScript developer or an in-house developer.

Should you hire in-house or freelance devs?

When looking to hire a JavaScript developer, you can choose between hiring a freelance JavaScript developer or an in-house team. A freelance Javascript developer is a programmer who works independently (self-employed).

Since they are not employees, the same laws or service terms that apply to your staff won’t apply to freelancers. For instance, you don’t need to provide a freelancer with health insurance or paid time off. Such developers typically work remotely and charge per hour or per project.

Depending on your budget or preferences, you can pick between vetted and unvetted freelancers. Unlike unvetted freelance JavaScript programmers, vetted freelancers have verified skills, credibility, and qualifications.

Hiring a vetted JavaScript expert is typically a safer bet because they have proven work experience and skills. However, unvetted freelancers typically charge less to compete with vetted freelancers. Lastly, freelancers are the most inexpensive option for businesses looking to hire developers. Their affordability makes hiring freelancers a popular option among startups or other businesses on a tight budget.

On the other hand, in-house JavaScript developers are experts hired as full-time employees of your business. Hiring an in-house development team ensures that you have professionals you can easily reach to handle your mobile or web application development project.

However, hiring an in-house JavaScript developer costs more than freelancers because you have to pay salaries to your full-time employees. Even if you don’t have any JavaScript development project for months, you still have to pay in-house JavaScript developers salaries. Other downsides of in-house hiring include a lack of talent diversity and limited team scalability.

Are there other options to hire a JavaScript programmer?

An excellent alternative is to hire a full-service web development agency. Fully managed web development agencies offer a perfect blend of the advantages of a freelance JavaScript engineer and an in-house team. For example, a fully managed team costs less than hiring an in-house JavaScript programmer.

Also, a fully managed team doesn’t come with the uncertainties typically associated with hiring a freelancer. Examples of such uncertainties include a freelancer’s capability or reliability.

The top fully managed development agencies (like DevSquad) have an experienced and well-equipped team of software development professionals. These experts include individuals who can use JavaScript and other programming languages to help you achieve your product goals.

You can hire a fully managed team on a per-project basis, and they can tailor their services to fit your budget. Also, instead of hiring them for just JavaScript development services, you can let them handle all aspects of building and optimizing your mobile or web apps.

Top sites to find and hire JavaScript programmers

Are you looking to hire a freelance or in-house JS developer or a full-service app development agency? We’ve compiled the best websites where you can find and hire a JavaScript programmer who fits your needs, preferences, and budget. Here are the websites that made our list:

1. DevSquad

hire javascript programmer

DevSquad is the first choice among SaaS startups and established companies that want a full-service agency to handle their software development process. Our highly qualified and fully equipped team can help you shorten your time to market and launch a user-focused JS mobile or web app that delivers impressive value and ROI.

Since we can handle everything from product ideation and prototyping to launch and optimization, you can be as hands off as you want. Also, our mastery of HTML, CSS, MySQL, and other related technologies guarantees that your final product will be well-rounded, interactive, and dynamic.

Click here to learn more about how our fully scalable team can make your product development project a success.

2. Toptal

hire javascript developer

Are you looking to hire a vetted freelance JavaScript software engineer? If so, consider visiting Toptal. The platform's strict vetting process allows only the top 3% of qualified professionals to advertise their services.

You can hire one or more JavaScript programmers for your project on the platform. Also, you can use Toptal to find other freelance experts to handle other aspects of your software development project. For instance, you can find freelancers to take care of project management, UX design, and more.

However, Toptal freelancers charge more than the average freelancer. But on the upside, you get a free trial to test a JavaScript programmer before committing.

3. Upwork

hire JS programmer

Upwork is a freelancer platform where you can find vetted and unvetted freelancers. You can hire a JavaScript programmer via the platform and various experts to manage other aspects of your product development project. Unlike Toptal, you don’t have to pay to find freelancers with Upwork. Also, posting a JavaScript developer job on the platform is quick and easy. On the downside, Upwork users pay multiple inconvenient fees, such as a client marketplace fee and a one-time contract initiation fee.

4. Codementor

hire freelance javascript developer

Codementor is the ideal platform for finding and hiring highly qualified and vetted JavaScript programmers. However, unlike Upwork, you can only hire software developers on Codementor. If you need a product strategist, project management pro, or other experts for your job, you have to get them on another platform.

You can hire a JavaScript programmer on Codementor by the hour or long term. Also, the platform has a fast onboarding process and a risk-free escrow payment option to protect users.

5. Turing

hire JS developer team

Turing is a talent agency that gives businesses and individuals access to well-vetted JavaScript developers and other software development experts. Turing’s thorough vetting process ensures that users can only hire JavaScript programmers from the top 1% of developers.

Since the platform has developers from 150+ countries, you won’t have trouble finding one that fits your time zone and language preferences. Users also get a two-week free trial to sample developers before hiring.

6. YouTeam

You can use YouTeam to hire JavaScript developers outside the U.S. The platform has over 50,000 European and Latin American software engineers. With YouTeam’s filtering options, you can easily find a JavaScript developer with the experience and qualifications for your project. Also, every developer on the platform has at least three years of experience, ensuring you can only choose from a pool of knowledgeable pros.

7. Fiverr

hire javascript programmers

Fiverr is a popular freelance website that startups and small businesses visit to find affordable software development services. You can find freelance JavaScript coders charging as little as $5 on the platform. However, these freelancers are unvetted, meaning there is no guarantee that they can deliver services as advertised.

On the upside, Fiverr has an effective rating system that users can use to score freelancers based on their performance on projects. You can use this rating system to identify qualified freelance JavaScript programmers for your project. But note that freelancers with higher ratings typically charge a higher price.

8. Vention

hire js developer

Vention is a New York software development agency that serves clients in various industries. The full-service agency provides custom services to clients, including JavaScript programming to build dynamic websites. However, working with a fully managed agency like Vention is cost-ineffective if you only need to hire a JavaScript programmer for your project.

9. Beanstalk

outsource javascript programming

Beanstalk offers web design services, including building custom websites and web apps for ecommerce businesses and other establishments. The team consists of JavaScript programmers and other experts you’ll typically need to start and complete your web design project.

However, Beanstalk does not offer mobile app development services. Also, whether or not Beanstalk will provide JS programming services will depend on your project’s requirements.

10. All My Web Needs

js web development

All My Web Needs provides various custom web design services to brands of all sizes. The team consists of JS specialists and other experts, and it can scale to meet your needs. Besides web design services, All My Web Needs provides marketing services to help client websites achieve maximum product visibility online.

11. Mindgrub

js product development

Hire a JavaScript programmer and more by working with Mindgrub. The full-service agency offers mobile and web development services to help clients achieve their goals. Besides JavaScript, Mindgrub uses other programming languages to bring clients’ dream products to life. The team also offers QA services to verify an app or website’s functionality and usability before launch.

12. TechArk

js developers

TechArk offers custom software development services and relies on the best JavaScript developers to deliver interactive and dynamic finished products. You can contact the agency for web software development, cloud software development, website development, and more.

13. Zazz

hire js mobile app dev team

Zazz is a mobile app development firm recognized for its innovation and longstanding reputation. The team has worked with everything from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Hiring the agency will give you access to top-notch JavaScript programmers and other experts to build your mobile app. Besides mobile app development, Zazz provides custom software development, web development, and more.

After discussing your JavaScript web or mobile app development goals with Zazz, the agency will get to work ideating and creating to bring your vision to life. Clients also have the option to only hire a JavaScript programmer or other specific software developers for their project. The option eliminates the need to pay for fully managed services if you don’t need them. Even better, onboarding a software developer from Zazz is quick (less than 48 hours).

14. Briteleap

js dev team

Briteleap is a Canadian agency with years of experience providing software, app, and web development services. The agency’s specialty is delivering websites and applications with beautiful and functional UI and industry-leading UX. Businesses within and outside the SaaS industry can take advantage of Briteleap’s services, including those in niches like gaming, accounting, inventory, customer relationship management, and more.

15. Div

outsource js dev

You can hire a JavaScript developer or let the Div team take care of your entire product design and development project. Programming languages used by the team include JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, and CSS3/SASS/SCSS. They also leverage MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, and Firebase databases. Their entire process is data-driven to ensure clients get valuable results, and the team has a high user satisfaction rating.

On the downside, Div is a small team of less than five developers. The small team size means Div can’t easily scale to meet changing project needs. Also, clients can face long waiting lists when the agency has its hands full.

16. JS Panther

hire javascript coders

If you want to hire a JavaScript developer team, JS Panther could be for you. This team of JS specialists takes a client-first approach to complete projects and aims to deliver maximum value. Services provided by the agency include single-page application development, CRM software development, web app development, and more.

You can hire the team to be your part-time or full-time developers. Alternatively, hire them by the hour if you have a small project, such as maintenance, bug fixing, or code auditing.

17. Spinx

hire js agency

Spinx uses JavaScript and other programming languages to build user-friendly and responsive websites and apps. Besides JS coding, the team helps clients with product discovery, planning, strategy, and implementation. Both B2B and B2C companies use the agency’s services to build customer-centric products that deliver value and impressive ROI. Top brands that have benefited from the agency’s expertise include Amazon, NBC, and CBS.

18. DevDigital

DevDigital has an impressive Google rating after over a decade of providing JS programming and web design services. Other services provided by the agency include:

  • Product management

  • User experience

  • Cloud architecture

  • Strategy and design

  • Website, web app, mobile app, and software development

With over a hundred experts on its team, DevDigital can easily scale to meet the needs of your project at no extra cost to you. Also, the agency has a full-time Quality Assurance team that ensures clients get finished products with error-free code.

19. BairesDev

hire javascript dev team

You can hire a JavaScript programmer from BairesDev to be part of your software development team. Alternatively, you can outsource all your software development projects to the agency so you can focus on other tasks.

Besides JS programming, BairesDev can help you with QA, UX/UI design, project management, and more. The award-winning agency has completed over a thousand projects for clients and has a streamlined onboarding process.

20. ProCoders

hire javascript

ProCoders offers businesses the option to outsource various aspects of software development projects. For instance, you can outsource all your JS coding to ProCoders. The platform assigns teams tailored to match the unique project of each client. Also, depending on your project’s parameters or budget, you can hire JavaScript developers from ProCoders to work for you full-time or part-time.

21. Trio

find javascript developers

You can use Trio to find and hire JavaScript programmers for projects of all sizes. The platform will assign the talents most suited to your project, and they can get to work within one to two weeks of your signing up.

Since every Trio developer has undergone a thorough vetting process, you can avoid the dangers of taking on an incapable programmer. However, Trio only accepts projects that will last at least 12 months. So, if you need one developer for a short and quick project, Trio may not be for you.

Cost analysis of different methods of hiring

JavaScript’s open-source nature means it’s free to use, making it one of the most affordable options for building websites and apps. Other factors that make the programming language cost-effective are the abundance of free JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and community support.

However, developers don’t work for free, and how much you’ll pay for JavaScript web or app development will depend on the JS programmer(s) you hire. Below is a comprehensive cost analysis of the three options available to businesses looking to hire a JavaScript programmer.

1. In-House Hiring

If you hire a JavaScript programmer as a full-time, in-house employee, you get unrestricted access to a dedicated expert. However, it is the costliest hiring option for the following reasons:

  • Salary and Benefits: You have to pay salaries to full-time employees. Also, you have to provide benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans. Even if an in-house developer doesn’t work on any projects for several months, you still have to pay them.

  • Infrastructure and Resources: You must provide employees with office equipment, working space, and other resources they need to do their jobs. The cost of equipping employees is an expense you can avoid if you outsource JS projects.

  • Recruitment Costs: According to an SHRM study, hiring a full-time employee costs about $4,700 on average. The figure excludes the cost of employee training and salaries.

In summary, the amount you’ll spend on an in-house JS developer within a year far exceeds the cost of outsourcing to a freelancer or fully managed team.

2. Freelance Hiring

Hiring a freelancer is generally the least expensive option if you want to hire a JavaScript programmer. Several factors contribute to JS freelancers being less expensive. For instance, unlike full-time employees who take a while to onboard, settle in, and become productive, freelancers start earning their keep as soon as they accept a project. This means freelancers deliver returns on investment faster than in-house employees.

Other factors that make freelance hiring less expensive are:

  • Hourly or Project-Based Rates: You only pay freelancers for work done, and the payment arrangement may be hourly or project-based. However, note that vetted and more experienced freelancers typically charge higher rates.

  • No Employment Benefits: Unlike full-time employees, you don’t have to provide freelancers costly benefits, such as healthcare or retirement plans.

However, hiring freelancers comes with a hidden cost, and that’s the cost of searching for suitable freelancers. Since millions of freelance JS developers exist, finding the right one for your project can take weeks, and time is money. Also, should you hire the wrong freelancer, it can compromise or frustrate your product development plans, which is another cost.

3. Outsourcing

Outsourcing involves hiring a JS development company or agency to handle your JavaScript project. Upfront, outsourcing costs more than hiring a freelancer but less than in-house hiring. However, in the long run, outsourcing your JS development work to a fully managed team like DevSquad has several advantages, such as:

  • Project-Based Pricing: You only need to pay for the project, and the price will depend on the duration and complexity of your project. The price you pay will also cover development costs and additional services like QA, project management, and more. A freelancer or in-house developer won’t offer such services, meaning outsourcing offers more bang for your buck.

  • Guarantee: Reputable development agencies back up their work with guarantees. The guarantee ensures that the team will keep working on your project until you are happy. Most freelancers don’t offer such guarantees.

However, note that outsourcing to a fully managed agency is not your most cost-effective option if you only need JS services. Hiring a fully managed agency only offers optimal cost benefits if you want experts to handle your entire product development project.

Skip the hassle of finding, sorting, and interviewing hundreds of people to hire JavaScript programmers for your project. At DevSquad, we have JavaScript developers and every other specialist you need to take your product development from ideation to launch.

Contact us today to get started with your JS web development project.

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