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UX/UI Design

Grow revenue with design that boosts enjoyment and retention

Without great UI/UX design, everything that your product helps users achieve won’t matter. Design is the key differentiator between products. It’s also what connects users to the value you provide. 

Create sticky software by partnering with true design pros. We include qualitative and quantitative user research like audience listening, heuristic evaluation, a/b testing, usability testing and more—all with the goal of understanding and winning over your users. 

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Design Sprint

Uncover the perfect prototype with our 2-week procesS

Building the wrong product wastes money, frustrates stakeholders, and delays time to both market and profitability. 

With so much at stake, the only way to build with confidence is to go through a Design Sprint, a process invented by Google Ventures which we’ve refined and made our own. Clients walk away with a user-validated prototype they can build with us or elsewhere. 

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MVP Development

Build a smaller-than-you-imagine MVP with an even greater impact

Every entrepreneur likes to think big. But thinking big gets you in trouble when it comes to launching the first iteration of your product. 

The sooner you can launch, the sooner you can drive revenue and collect feedback from paying users, not just beta testers. We start every MVP development project with a Design Sprint to ensure that we’re building the smallest possible product that can offer true market value. If you want us to build your MVP, get ready for lots of pushback from our team. 

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SaaS Development

Launch and improve your SaaS product with a team of product pros

Strategizing SaaS products is what gets us up in the morning. If you want to work with an average software development services company, look elsewhere. 

By partnering with DevSquad, you get a full team—including a business strategist, a product manager, skilled nearshore developers from LatAm, QA testers, and a DevOps engineer. Bring your vision and we bring it to life in a way that satisfies your users and drives revenue fast. 

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“DevSquad is a well-oiled machine, and the developers are shielded from customer interaction so they’re executing on their product manager’s vision and approach.” 

— John Allen, Senior Software Engineer, Box

“They Know how to build an MVP and it shows every day. The new product is written in Laravel, but that’s only part of the reason why they were able to work faster than our internal team. I think it really comes down to their experience building products for early stage companies.” 

— Tyler Hall, CEO & Founder of Drivably

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Web App Development

Make users happy with fast, smooth softwarE

Launch a web-based app with our team who looks at software like a product, not a project. We’ve got you covered from idea to prototype to user validation to MVP launch to feature updates and beyond. We build on Laravel most often because it helps us build quality products fast, so we can pass those savings on to you. Other skills include React, Angular, and more. When you partner with us for web development, you get business strategy, product management, skilled development, QA, and DevOps from one fully managed team.

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mobile app

Mobile App Development

Go native with an app that exceeds user expectations

Our mobile app development clients experience viral launches with amazing app store ratings to start their business off right. 

Choose a user-centric team that offers research and prototype validation with real potential users from your target market. Our software development services are known for helping entrepreneurs and executives build smart from day one. 

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API Development

Increase revenue with enterprise customers with an important API

Without an API, you could be losing a lot of big-ticket enterprise customers to the competition. But your inhouse team doesn’t have time to build and manage an API, so it keeps getting pushed off. 

As we do with every product, DevSquad takes full ownership of API building, releasing, and documentation. Partner with us to build an API that helps you gain more market share. 

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