Why You Should Listen To SaaS Academy: The Art & Science of SaaS Development

Mallory Merrill

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If you’re in the SaaS community, you know how hard it can be to stay above the fold.

But working is SaaS is also rewarding.
And tiring.
And exciting.
And painstaking.
And so, so worth it.

If you’re in the SaaS community, you know what it's like to be all over the map. And we know something that might help. If you have your stakes in the SaaS development game, you’re going to love SaaS Academy.

SaaS Academy is an up-and-coming podcast hosted by Mallory Merrill. Mallory is DevSquad's growth manager, which means she wears a lot of hats. Among other things, she's a product manager, SaaS coach, and content writer, editor and marketer.

What Does DevSquad Know About SaaS?

Plenty. Primarily, DevSquad builds custom software. And roughly 80% of what they do is for SaaS businesses. They know what it takes to build great software because SaaS survives on great software.

The Origins of SaaS Academy

SaaS Academy was started because DevSquad has access to an untapped well of knowledge in the SaaS community. Entrepreneurs, founders, and other savvy SaaS-ers have so much experience and so many stories (both good and bad), and that information is begging to be shared. Here's what host, Mallory Merrill, says about why DevSquad created SaaS Academy:

At DevSquad, we are down in the trenches with many different entrepreneurs which puts us in a really unique position to spread knowledge.

Not only that, but we're passionate about it!

The SaaS movement seeks to improve businesses by creating better and better software, and doing that requires a real dedication to trial-and-error to innovation even though innovating is hard.

That’s passion, right? And it’s from that same passion that DevSquad wants to share real-life lessons that can help people do something bigger.

DevSquad knows the obstacles faced by SaaS companies because we help our people compete with them everyday.

We want to be a resource for our clients and, really, for the greater SaaS community. And yes, that’s a huge aspiration, but our goal is just to point people towards success. We want to share the collective experience of our industry in hopes it will help inspire people, maybe help them over a hump or into a new stage of growth.

So, the shorter answer to "why SaaS Academy" is this:

...people. And maybe proof that struggle can breed success.

Listeners will hear from people who live and breathe in SaaS, from people who have all their skin in the game, and perspectives from every part of the growth spectrum.

You’ll hear from entrepreneurs who’ve needed help, from those who can give it, those who have taken risks and paid for it, and those who haven’t taken risks and paid for it.

All of those pivotal moments will be gathered up and condensed into a digestible 20 or 30 minute morsel.

The goal is to make something reliable, and entertaining. Something that will fit your schedule but also shape your own success story. SaaS Academy will reveal inside scoops from people who have seen it and done it.

Whether you’re focused on ideas, design, product development, launching your new business, finding product/market fit, doing market research, marketing in the right channel, or applying all those elements to a profitable growth strategy, SaaS Academy will bring it. We're going to accelerate your passage through the SaaS success cycle with focused, relevant stuff. The kind of substance you can apply to yourself and your own career.


SaaS Academy wants YOU!

If you have ideas to share, bring 'em on!

Mallory would love to hear from you. In her own words, “I want to find a hundred emails in the SaaS Academy inbox everyday, so do it.”

If you have questions, stories, suggestions, if you want to be a guest, nominate a guest, or sponsor the show, send an email to [email protected] (Mallory is watching the inbox as you read this so, please don't let her down).

If you learned something valuable from SaaS Academy, please rate, review, subscribe and share. It makes a huge difference for the folks that work hard to make this podcast possible. Thanks for your support.

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