Sell What They Need, Not What You Think They Need

Mallory Merrill


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What do you do when your mentor tells you in the nicest, most Canadian way possible that your business sucks?

When you’re making no headway, even though you’re hustling so hard you’re never at home and your girlfriend calls you the ghost of dirty dishes?

Collin Stewart, cofounder of Predictable Revenue and host of the Predictable Revenue podcast, went from zero to $40,000 a month of recurring revenue. And he wants to share his lessons with you.

Stewart’s product was floundering, but he wondered if the software built to run his internal business would be of interest to the outside market. He did a ton of customer research.

He found 10 clients that were a perfect fit for the software. It took off, and so did word of mouth. Stewart had done such a good job of nailing the product/market fit that they were not only case studies, they were referring other people.

The early adopter or innovator mindset takes pride in being able to identify the next hot companies. They're natural promoters

How do you promote your business or products?

This post is based on a SaaS Academy Podcast with Collin Stewart, cofounder of Predictable Revenue


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