LinkedIn Ad Expert Shares Secrets on B2B LinkedIn Advertising

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LinkedIn provides one of the hottest ways for B2B and SaaS companies to advertise online. LinkedIn users are captivated professionals, often times in powerful positions. So, what are the best tips to leverage this marketing opportunity for your SaaS product?

We’d say ask a pro, such as someone who founded an entire company that specializes in LinkedIn digital advertising. Perhaps the guy who’s managed 4 out of the top 10 LinkedIn accounts, and who also happens to be a board member for the Utah Digital Marketing Collective.

All of those things add up to one guy, this guy, AJ Wilcox.

AJ’s been doing LinkedIn advertising for a while. In 2014, he founded B2Linked, a top-performing ad agency that specializes only in B2B LinkedIn ads. Before he branched out on his own, he worked for Domo, Inc., where he grew their qualified leads by 1,300%.

In brief, AJ knows his stuff. He can put his money where his mouth is unlike any one in the business and we've got an exclusive interview with him that can teach you how to do the same. AJ came on our second episode of SaaS Academy Podcast to share the expertise that helped his company guide over $110M in advertisement on the LinkedIn platform.

Here's a little taste of what you'll learn on the show...

WHY SaaS companies love LinkedIn (hint: it's all about targeting)

LinkedIn offers the most targeted advertisement space on the web. First of all, you can target your advertisement by demographics or a mixed layer of demographics such as:

  • Job title

  • Department

  • Level of seniority

  • Skills listed on their profiles

  • Email address

  • Company name

  • Geography

  • Group

  • Years of experience

  • Level of education

  • Gender

And this isn’t even an exhaustive list. While you may be thinking “yeah, can’t Facebook do some of those?” Yes, Facebook can. But here’s the kicker, something that is probably even more important than the demographic elements... People on LinkedIn are using this platform specifically for their work, or to further their career. This means, while using LinkedIn, people are more interested in your product, and they're more ready to convert to your customer than on any other social channel.

No one is getting on LinkedIn to play Farmville or to look at pictures of their grandkids. When you're advertising on LinkedIn, you're talking to potential buyers.

WHO should advertise on LinkedIn (Is your price point >$15K?)

So people love LinkedIn and LinkedIn leads are super qualified. But because leads generated on LinkedIn are worth more, they also cost more and LinkedIn advertising is not cheap.

What may cost you $1-$3 per click on Facebook, will probably cost you between $6-$9 on LinkedIn.

“It’s expensive,” quipped AJ. But, he said, "it’s a no-brainer for many SaaS companies because of the amazing targeting LinkedIn provides."

Here’s a rule of thumb: B2Linked draws a line in the sand at $15K. If your lifelong revenue from a customer is at or above $15K, then he says LinkedIn is a slam dunk. If you are a smaller-subscription fee, say $100/month, and your average customer is perhaps only a one-year buyer, you probably want to choose another option.

HOW to advertise on LinkedIn

This is where AJ’s expertise really hones in — he has a pretty simple analogy he uses to think about the advertising process. Consider your top-to-bottom funnel: At the top, ads contain really soft touches with low-friction asks. “Check out our blog post here.” Low friction. Easy ask.

At the bottom of the funnel, there are harder touches with high-friction asks: “Sign up for a demo with our rep.”

That’s the spectrum AJ uses, and what he’s found to be the ultimately most successful campaigns on LinkedIn are those that hit the mid-level.

For an optimal LinkedIn ad campaign, you want to use a soft-to-medium ask, that provides a lot of value for the customer. The value could be something such as an ebook or checklist that is incredibly valuable to your buyers, and the ask is something like asking the prospect for their email address.

Medium-level offer with a soft-to-medium friction level — that’s the sweet spot.

Last tip: Ready Your AMO (your cheat sheet for effective LinkedIn advertising)

The question AJ and his team throw around the office is: “Did you bring your amo?”

AMO = Audience. Message. Offer.

Audience: Most people understand their audience — their intended target.

Message: How you deliver, and what you are saying.

Offer: Here’s the big one, AJ says. This is the make-or-break stop: What is that piece of content you are driving customers toward? It must be valuable and solve a really awful pain point for your customers. Prove to them that you are the solution.

Told you he was a pro... Go listen to the full episode to learn more and (here's our big ask...) PLEASE leave us a review on iTunes or wherever you access great podcasts. There are many people that work very hard to make SaaS Academy work, and it makes a huge difference for us when our listeners leave honest feedback. Please rate, review, share and subscribe!

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