6 Ways to use Data and Process to Get Better Sales Results

Mallory Merrill


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It’s a simple formula:

Better processes + leveraging available data = better sales results.

But where is the roadmap to get there?

Scott Smith is the CEO at Launch Leads where they help companies scale faster and efficiently through the use of their multi-channel solution.  

Here are 6 ways Scott and his team focus on better processes and leveraging data to get better sales results for their clients.

1) Have a Plan for Reaching Your Target Audience

Make sure you truly understand your target audience and have a specific contact strategy to reach them.  

2) Plan for Objections

As Scott says, “Most objections are smokescreens and really just put up because we are as humans are trained to say ‘no thanks.’”

3) Use Engaging Content to Prospect

Use your content start human to human conversations. Old school prospecting still works if you get quality touches every day.

4) Set Realistic Goals

Know your sales numbers.  Once you have those details, you can back into bite-sized goals.

5) Test the Right Criteria

What are your open and unsubscribe rates for you email campaigns?

6) Increase Your Customer’s Morale + Revenue at the Same Time

These are intertwined.  Morale directly influences revenue.

To hear details about Scott’s steps to better sales results, listen to the podcast episode.


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