Case Study

How the US Ski & Snowboard Team Fixed Athlete Management with DevSquad

In addition to managing dozens of Olympic athletes, the US Ski & Snowboard Team also supports over 450 sports clubs and 30,000 student-athletes around the country.

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DevSquad was able to bring fresh ideas when we needed them to, and push back when we needed them to. They’re great at sprint planning and supporting every aspect of the development process.

Jon Larson IT Director of the US Ski & Snowboard Team
The Challenge

The US Ski and Snowboard team needed digital transformation both inside and out.

The organization’s systems for managing athlete data had grown fragmented over time, creating a bad user experience for athletes as well as operational headaches and lots of copy-and-paste work.

At the same time, they wanted to develop an ecommerce store for athletes, parents, and fans—one that would integrate with their new internal solution. All in all, the organization was ready for modern solutions that would set the stage for more efficiency and growth.

The Solution

We built their software using a lean and efficient approach.

This meant we could quickly tackle operational issues and provide US Ski & Snowboard with quick wins while the overall project continued. We completely redesigned the main website and ecommerce site to fit their brand. And we replaced the outdated desktop software with modern, custom-built web software.

In order to connect their ecommerce, membership application, and other operational systems, we built them a custom API to immediately address many of the technical challenges they had experienced before.

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DevSquad has worked on a lot of different projects for us, from a standalone shop to an integration project to an API to design work. They’re very versatile and they take responsibility.

Jon Larson IT Director of the US Ski & Snowboard Team
The Results

Through custom API and product development, we gave US Ski and Snowboard a single management and reporting dashboard...

...saving them the countless hours they were wasting with the frustratingly old and inefficient systems. And with their new online store, they were able to increase revenue from ecommerce sales while collecting customer data in a single system.

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When you work with DevSquad, you don’t get an expert in one thing—you get an expert in every part of product development.

Jon Larson IT Director of the US Ski & Snowboard Team
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