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From that first discussion came several ideas for features that I hadn't even considered, ways to modify the ones I did want to do a better job, and we also trimmed back on features that really weren't necessary that would have taken more time and cost more money.
Stephen Henderson
VP of Product Marketing at Musician's Toolkit
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Stephen Henderson

New venture know-how

No matter how much you know about your

industry, you shouldn't be alone in strategic

thinking. There are no "yes" men here. When you

partner with DevSquad, you gain access to

practical business strategy that's grounded in

product development and UX expertise.


Storyboarding and

prototyping for the

perfect MVP

Because we're product people, we never start a

project going straight to development. We make

sure you've got a clear vision and working

prototype that really solves user stories. We

narrow down your vision into a true MVP so you

can go to market fast.


User validation built-in

When most firms hear you claim that your

concept is validated. They nod their head. At

DevSquad, we offer user testing so we can gauge

your target users response to your high fidelity

prototype. We make any needed changes to the

MVP plan before we build.

A fully managed process

and high-performing

team structure

Acquire a world-class, ready-made product team

that will carry your product to its first release,

essential updates, and new feature sprints. Bring

your vision and communicate regularly with your

technical PM, who has the experience necessary

to pull all talent together.

Continuous quality so

you don't have to worry

about QA

After perfecting our processes for product

development, we've devoted ourselves to

providing QA services that match dedicated

quality firms. Our QA managers are everything

you want QA managers to be: organized, out-of-

the-box thinkers who attack your product from

every angle to provide full coverage and find



Strategic planning and

roadmapping for the


As we plan the most strategic MVP to help you

earn revenue quickly, we also roadmap the next

iterations of your product, so you can satisfy more

user demands. You'll have continued access to

our product strategists and your dedicated PM so

you can continue to update and hone in your


How we got a new product to market in 6 months for ADP

ADP Ventures was looking for help with strategizing MVP features, building in short sprints for user testing, and launching with startup-level speed. We built a free tool to assist ADP's offboarded employees in finding their next employment. DevSquad matched ADP's high standards for development as a global brand.

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