How IsoTalent Launched Their Client Platform in Under 6 Months with DevSquad.

IsoTalent helps tech companies recruit international talent for everything from high volume roles to c-suite executives. The company offers hourly pricing so clients can save money compared to standard commission-based models.

6 months to launch

Under expected budget

Fully managed, stress-free process

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  • "When I first met them, it made me realize the resources, the time, the cost, everything that would come along with a group like this would be far more advantageous than trying to do it on our own."

    CEO of IsoTalent

IsoTalent wanted to launch their proprietary recruiting platform for free to clients.

They were looking for a way to make their recruiting services more modern and transparent so that clients could engage with their pipeline on their terms.

The bar was set at a world-class development team. As a tech recruiting company, sourcing great talent wasn’t the problem. The problem was management. Austin had a hunch that outsourcing to a fully managed team would yield better results, but struggled to find a group he could trust.



After his initial conversation with DevSquad, Austin could spot the difference.

The focus on product strategy, high-performing team structures, idea validation, workshopping, and prototyping all showed Austin that he was in the right place.

DevSquad began the project with a design sprint workshop, where we storyboarded the idea and came up with the most strategic V1. Then we prototyped the product concept, tested it with users, and created the backlog needed to develop it. IsoTalent got a complete product team including a business strategist, a product manager, UX designers, senior developers, DevOps engineers, and QA testers.

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  • "The team at DevSquad storyboarded our entire idea, from what it needed to look like to the problems it was solving. That white boarding session was huge for us from day one. And now, they’re always thinking a few thousand users ahead."

    CEO of IsoTalent

Throughout the process, Austin was able to communicate with his product manager at any time over Slack or on a call.

Not only was the product delivered on time, under budget, and fully functional, but working with DevSquad was a stress-free experience from the first workshop all the way through feature updates.

We launched the IsoConnect platform in just 6 months. IsoTalent provides free access to it for all clients so they can track their recruiting pipeline and get help on demand. To this day, the IsoConnect platform not only streamlines service delivery but also acts as a selling point, helping IsoTalent acquire new contracts.

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  • "DevSquad has a lot of integrity and just as much energy as we do around building cool products."

    CEO of IsoTalent


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