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You’re building a startup

Got a great idea, but need help to build it? You need skilled software developers to build your MVP and help you get to market quickly (before someone steals your idea).

Your project needs rescuing

Got a project that’s hit a brick wall? Had a nightmare experience with another software developer that almost drove you to violence? It’s time to call in the DevSquad and finally get this show on the road.

You need to expand your team

Need software developers? But worried about hiring untested freelancers? Or committing to gigantic salaries? We provide you with expert developers so you can flexibly and cost effectively expand your team.

You need to update old software

Is your slow and clunky software holding your company back? Then you need the DevSquad to modernize your legacy systems (especially if you’re worried about the cost, time and sheer stress of doing so).

Hear From Our Clients

Jon Larson - US SKI Team

USSKI (US Ski and Snowboarding) is an Olympic sports organization that supports the nation’s skiers and snowboarders.

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Michael Spencer - Siegfried & Jensen

Siegfried & Jensen is the largest personal injury law firm in Utah. They help people who have suffered from injuries and death caused by accidents.

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Stephen Henderson - MT

A music education platform. It offers a range of lessons and content from industry professionals to help students progress in the music world.

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Elite software developers are like elite racing car drivers. Talent matters, but you still need a good car to win

Talent is important. That’s why we only hire the very best software developers. But that’s only part of the winning formula. To build great software you also need a great process, you need a great car.

Process matters a great deal. It’s what separates the good dev shops from the great.