Why - DevSquad

Grow without the growing pains


It’s a real struggle
to find good software developers.

1) So you end up relying on junior in-house talent, or untested freelancers. And finding developers is one thing. Getting them to the point they’re delivering great software for your company is another.


2) Eventually (after a lot of hard work and a dose of luck), you might get a team that’s delivering results for you.

3) But then one or more of your developers leaves you for the greener grass at some other company. And so you have to start all over again.

This constant cycle of looking for, hiring and nurturing software developers is expensive and exhausting. Surely there’s a better way?

Get the developer talent you need,
when you need it…


No more endlessly searching for the best senior developers


No more trying to turn in-house and freelance talent into a functioning team


And no more micro-managing your developers to make sure you get the result you need.

Leave all that to us. With DevSquad you simply get access to a team of elite, battle-tested software developers ready to get the job done.

Why software
as a service?

Instead of working to a fixed project fee, we operate a monthly subscription model. Think of it like software development as a service. We do this because we’ve identified these problems:


It’s hard to find great developers. Period. There are more job openings than talent. Software development as a service allows you to quickly get the senior talent you need.


It takes time to build a high-performing team. It’s why buying the best players doesn’t guarantee a sports team wins the championship. Teams need time to perform. With our model you get a ready-formed, high-performing team working for you.


Most companies need flexibility. Business demand changes. You might be growing fast one year, or tightening belts the next. Our model gives you ultimate flexibility.

And software development as a service is great for your bottom line. Here’s why…

Enjoy a simple and cash-flow-friendly
subscription model

You have no big upfront commitment

You don’t have to commit to a gigantic project fee, without knowing what the final product will look like. We give you a project estimate, so you can budget, but you don’t have to sign a commitment to that overall figure.

Your subscription is flexible

Need to speed the project up? You can instantly increase the number of developers working for you. Need to ramp down because customer demand has shrunk? That’s just as easy. With a monthly subscription model, you gain complete control of development costs.

And you’re never in the dark

Communication and transparency are baked into the way we work. Our project management tool allows you to track what we’re working on in real-time. Regular bi-weekly meetings give you the opportunity to discuss progress and the next phase of development.

You only pay for what you need

You have money to invest, not money to burn. Hiring developers is a risky and expensive way to scale your capabilities, and it’s hard to match this capacity with ever changing demand. With DevSquad you’re never paying for development time you don’t need.