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Web App Development
Beautiful, powerful and easy-to-use web applications


We don’t just create a web application for you.
We build a software product that helps you
achieve your business goals

Finding any old web app developer is easy…

But you want a good one, right? And that’s where your problems begin.

Who can you trust?

There are a lot of code cowboys out there
masquerading as pros.

What if you make a bad choice?

Choosing the wrong software developer
can be a very costly, even fatal, mistake.

Will the costs spiral out of control?

You don’t have a billionaire-sized
budget, so you can’t burn through cash like Elon Musk does

You need the DevSquad.
We build beautiful web applications
that work beautifully, without breaking your budget.

  • We’re not just a bunch of developers for hire. Based in Utah, we’re a strategic and highly effective extension of your team.
  • We help you build products that people actually want.

  • Always thinking about the user experience, we build web applications that are intuitive, useful and easy-to-use.
  • We are experts at picking up the pieces when other developers break things or disappoint you, or just disappear (or all three).

“But hang on, what's to say you’re any different?”

Fair question. Here's why...

We work with medium to large enterprise companies to develop new applications,
tools and platforms. We give you enterprise-grade software
development with startup speed and agility.

we don’t just hire anyone

Our vetting process is tough. Every software developer, regardless of their background, has to pass a rigorous assessment of their skills. And we don’t just look at their coding skill, we scrutinize the whole person.Sure, technical knowledge is important, but so is problem solving ability, attention to detail and the ability to work well with others (including you).95% of developers fail to meet our standards. We employ the top 5% that do. And it’s these top tier developers that work on your project.

You’ll only work with talented developers

When you hire developers, you never really know who writes your code. After winning your project, many companies simply hire cheap freelancers to help them deliver it. With DevSquad, you’ll never be passed down the food chain like this. That’s because we don’t hire freelancers… With offices in Brazil and our headquarters in Utah, we employ all our developers. They sit together, work on projects together, solve problems together and build great software together.

Need a rock solid development team?

But we also know it’s
not just about quality
developers, you also
need a quality process

You’ll always know the status of your project
People often come to us after a bad experience with other developers (which could be freelancers, in-house employees, or an agency). One of the biggest complaints?
Poor communication. This means poor visibility of work-in-progress, often being kept in the dark, and project updates only when you demand them.That’s not how it should be. With DevSquad we know the importance of great communication. With 100% transparency, We give you complete peace of mind:


Αccess to a detailed project dashboard

Get access to a detailed project dashboard (you’ll see exactly what we’re working on, what’s coming next and what’s already been published).


Βi-weekly project update meetings

Get bi-weekly project update meetings (this is time to review where we’re at, and adjust the development roadmap)


Dedicated Slack Channel

Get in touch with your team via your own dedicated Slack Channel (your project manager is always here to help).

Our core vaules

  • development in real-time
  • rock solid code
Watch your software develop in real-time

We follow the Scrum method of software development; it’s a fast and iterative process. Your software will be created in small teams of 2-4 developers, breaking the work into two-week development cycles (called “sprints”). Progress is monitored daily and at the end of each sprint you have new workable software. So you start benefiting from the software as early as possible. There’s no waiting for big releases. No wondering when your project will ever be finished. It’s simply the fastest, most efficient, and business savvy way to build software.

We write rock solid code (tested to an inch of its life)

Instead of the bug-filled code you may have received in the past, we write robust software and test the hell out of it. But instead of just testing manually, we write additional code to test your code. This ensure bugs are spotted quickly and automatically, before your employees or customers ever touch the software. And it prevents bigger problems down the road when you try to scale usage, or add new features.

It’s time to work with the pros.