US SKI and SnowBoard Team An efficient way of managing a national sports organization

Who are they?

USSKI (US Ski and Snowboarding) is an Olympic sports organization that supports tens of thousands of skiers and snowboarders, helping them achieve excellence in their sport.

Based in Park City, Utah, they manage a $20 million dollar training facility, nearly 500 individual ski clubs, and the regulatory aspect of the sport of skiing in the US. It’s an independently funded organization that’s committed to the progression of the sport and the athletes that take part.

The challenge they were facing…

The organization’s systems had grown somewhat organically, which over time had created a number of technical and operational challenges.

USSKI were managing large amounts of data, and it was fragmented across different systems and databases. This presented the team with significant operational headaches.

Because of outdated desktop software, they had to process member applications manually, with lots of copy and paste work. So they were in desperate need for a better way to manage memberships.

Internal systems were not talking to e-commerce systems effectively. They needed software that could both integrate and automate multiple systems, so they could better manage sales, inventory and administer important programs.

And finally, they needed the new site to look great, and fit with their evolving brand.

How we made their day…
  • As with all projects we work on, we built their software using a lean and efficient approach. This meant we were able to quickly tackle operational issues and provide USSKI with quick wins, while the overall project continued.
  • We completely re-designed the main website and e-commerce site to fit the USSKI brand. And we replaced the outdated desktop software with modern, custom-built web software.
  • There were considerable technical challenges with this project. Fortunately, they came to the right place. In order to connect their e-commerce, membership application and other operational systems, we built them a custom API.
  • This gave the USSKI team a single management and reporting dashboard, saving them the countless hours they were wasting with the frustratingly inefficient old systems.