Modernizing a long-running and successful family business

Who are they? is a family company that has served the power tool, construction and woodworking communities for more than 75 years. They offer a huge inventory of tool parts, accessories, power tools and woodworking and construction equipment – distributing this range globally.

They also pride themselves on the company’s deep experience and superior customer service, with their motto being “big time experience, small town service.”

MMtool Parts
Project Rescue
The challenge they were facing…

The company’s website was built on a very outdated platform and this was in desperate need of modernization. But unlike most modernization projects, this was complicated by the fact they have over 500,000 products available to buy and a lot of existing web traffic to handle.

The marketing team also lacked insight into visitor and customer behavior, so the site suffered from lower conversion rates than would be expected.

How we made their day…
  • We completely rebuilt their website from scratch, seamlessly migrating over 500,000 products, diagrams and a huge client list to the new site. And we put in place a robust structure to ensure the site didn’t lose performance when handling high volumes of traffic.
  • With improved frontend design, the use of new email auto responders, and a better e-commerce experience (including upsell strategies), we helped to improve their conversion rates.
  • And to help the marketing team promote the right products to the right people at the right time, we built business intelligence tools to provide valuable customer insights.