Swell CX
REAL-TIME Review and customer feedback
Who are they?

Swell helps businesses connect with their customers by measuring NPS, collecting reviews, and monitoring customer satisfaction with one simple tool.

Swell CX
SaaS Product Development
The challenge they were facing…

A good development team can be hard to find, as Drew Sparks, Swell’s CEO, learned firsthand. A local team based in Utah and another team abroad proved unable to scale to the needs of his growing company.

Both teams also suffered from a lack of communication and transparency. Drew’s team would hand over work in two-week sprints, only to be in the dark as to what their development teams were accomplishing.

Ultimately, Drew was forced to look for another solution. He found DevSquad.

How we made their day…
  • The difference between DevSquad’s approach to software development and Swell’s previous vendors’ was night and day. Not only did DevSquad have a crystal clear process and approach to development, but we also took a proactive role in planning and roadmapping the software to accomplish Drew’s goals.
  • DevSquad’s developers also maintained constant communication. Drew always knew what they were working on, and remained apprised of every change and development. Bug fixes and quick improvements were never an issue—Drew knew he could always count on DevSquad.
  • DevSquad’s hands-on approach to product development has instilled Drew with a deep sense of trust in their expertise. He knows his product is in good hands and that we’ll do everything they can to perfect it.
  • As a result of their hard work and dedication, the product offering is now more efficient both for his team and his users. Not only that, but they’ve been able to market their product to more verticals than ever before, and their pipeline has grow exponentially.