How Swell Rebuilt Their Small Business CX Platform with DevSquad and Reached Profitability Quickly.

Swell offers all of the solutions that small, local businesses need to create and manage a great customer experience: SMS, webchat, feedback, surveys, reviews, SEO, and more.

Go-To-Market launch in 3 months

Executive shift towards growth (leading to bootstrapped profitability)

Scalable, quality product & continuous updates

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  • "We wanted to focus on building our sales and marketing strategy and DevSquad took on the development side 100%. They take time to understand our own go-to-market strategy and build our product with that in mind."

    Drew Sparks
    Founder and CEO of Swell

Drew wanted to launch his local business CX and marketing platform quickly.

The trouble was that two different development teams had failed to deliver a functional, well-designed, and bug-free product. He was leaking money.

Abandoning the second dev team, Drew set out to find the perfect partner and discovered DevSquad. Through the initial conversation, Drew learned the DevSquad difference: strategic V1s, fast go-to-market speeds, fully managed teams, and proactive communication.



DevSquad offered a complete overhaul of the Swell product...

...because we knew we could get it done faster working from scratch. We kicked off the engagement with a design sprint workshop to storyboard user needs and whittle down the feature set to the most strategic V1.

Working in agile sprints, we rebuilt Swell in just 3 months.

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  • "DevSquad helped us rebuild the product from the ground up, took the product to market, and added new features and iterated on that. They took us through that whole process. They feel ownership in our product."

    Drew Sparks
    Founder and CEO of Swell

Drew was able to take the product to market and immediately start driving revenue.

Not only was he able to save his bootstrapped business, but the entire development process was stress-free. Drew experienced excellent communication and partnership from the DevSquad team.

Over the next few years, we continued to reiterate on the product, building new features for the web app, and adding mobile and desktop apps to their offerings. Swell hit profitability quickly and maintained it.

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  • "Our development and technology possibilities with DevSquad are endless. In addition to our core web application, core web application, we’ve built our iOS app, android app, and desktop app with their help. We really leverage their expertise to help us identify the best technology as we are constantly building and improving our product."

    Drew Sparks
    Founder and CEO of Swell


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