Case Study

How StatSocial Launched Silhouette with DevSquad in Under 6 Months

StatSocial offers advanced social listening to help companies make smarter product and marketing decisions. Their social media insights platform offers consumer data, brand measurement, and ROI tracking for social and influencer campaigns.

Major UX improvements
Launch new product 
in 6 months
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For us to go out and build a similar team probably would have cost at least two to three times as much.

Michael Hussey Founder and President of StatSocial
The Challenge

StatSocial was looking to launch a brand new product called Silhouette, but their internal team was swamped with their current products.

They attempted the project in house with a templated UX, but soon realized that they didn't have the capacity to build it. They also knew that the product would be more successful with a fully custom interface that truly matched user needs.

Having worked with outsourced development companies before, Michael Hussey was hoping for a different and better experience this time. He wanted to find a firm that would provide not only development, but product strategy.

The Solution

Michael chose to partner with DevSquad...

...because he could tell from the initial interactions that our team would take the time to get fully aligned on product strategy, user expectations, and business value before developing.

We redesigned the interface for Silhouette to make it easier for users to integrate brand and consumer insights into their marketing campaigns. We took the lead with product management, and assigned tasks to their available in-house developers, working together as a team.

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DevSquad really came through from the beginning with understanding the reason we were building this platform. Not just the bells and whistles, but ‘Who are the clients? How do they intend to use it?’

Michael Hussey Founder and President of StatSocial
The Results

In just 6 months, we were able to launch the first version of Silhouette.

StatSocial was able to sell it to their existing customer base and we immediately started adding and enhancing features based on user feedback.

Michael estimates that without our help, it would have taken an additional one to two years to get the product ready to launch. And had he tried to hire the talent that we delivered, it would have cost 2-3X more.

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I'm excited that we have a partner in DevSquad that we can always come back to. We can bounce ideas off of them, and we know DevSquad will help us bring those to life.

Michael Hussey Founder and President of StatSocial
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