Get the blueprint of your software idea

From prototype to backlog, sprint zero is the service that mitigates risk and validates market need

Avoid development snags. Validate and approve before you build.

You’re ready to build a new application, but you don’t want to make a wrong move

Most agencies and freelancers start coding too quickly

When you’re getting ready to build a software application, it’s easy to find someone who will build it for you. But what about finding someone who won’t? DevSquad never writes a single line of code until our client has come in for their in-person Sprint Zero Workshop.

Unless you have a vetted prototype, it’s not time to start building
We’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs set up a strong foundation
All of our clients begin with our software prototyping process so they can be sure they’re truly ready to start development.
Hear From Our Clients
Austin Miller – tLaunch
"I feel like DevSquad is an extension of our team. When we first met them, it made me realize, the resources, the time, the cost...everything that would come along with a group like this would be far more advantageous than trying to do it on our own. "
Stephen Henderson – MT
"From that first discussion came several ideas for features that I hadn’t even considered, ways to modify the ones I did want to do a better job, and we also trimmed back on features that really weren’t necessary that would have taken more time and cost more money."
Michael Spencer – S&J
"I had attempted to save money by managing programmers myself. By the end of it, it still broke all the time, had tons of bugs and was just not usable. I got in touch with DevSquad and they built a better product in three months with no bugs and it is a much better piece of software."
The Sprint Zero Workshop
We condense Google Venture’s 5-day design sprint into a 1-day in-person workshop
Come meet with us in person. We’ll start by listening to your product pitch. Then we go through a rigorous process that puts it to the test.
Ready for the one-day workshop that will change your life?
Don’t skip the prototyping process. Commit to it.
Take 30-60 minutes to tell our team about your project
Competitive Review
Time to look at all of your direct and indirect competition
Risk Mitigation
We brainstorm what could go wrong and how to fix it
We help bring the value of your product to life
Project workflow
Now we piece together and prioritize the necessary dev work
Prototype creation
We deliver an amazing high fidelity prototype that you can share with colleagues

Deliver the backlog

7 to 10 days after your workshop, we deliver the backlog required to build the product and an estimate of how many developers you’ll need, and for how many months

We believe in the power of prototyping

Prototyping your new software product is a really smart move. You get the chance to see what you’re building before you actually build it, vet that your development team is able to understand and implement your vision, and most importantly, get feedback from industry colleagues or potential customers before you spend a dime on actual development We believe in prototyping so much that we walk all of our clients through the one-day Sprint Zero Workshop in person. Not only does it allow us to kick-off projects that are aligned with your business plan, but this workshop also gives us a great foundation for our professional relationship with you. We’ll pick you up from the airport, and if time allows, show you around Salt Lake City.

As app developers in Utah, we also know how important it is that your product appeal to American customers while not necessarily requiring full development by an American team. Our product managers and some of our senior level developers are based in Utah, while most of our senior-level talent is based in Latin America, primarily Brazil. When you come for your Sprint Zero Workshop, you get to come meet our team based here and learn more about how we organize each DevSquad for our clients, so you can walk away with a high-value prototype and the ability to make an informed choice about who your development team will be.

Work with us on your software prototype

Then make DevSquad your dev team.
Here’s a sampling of what makes us great.

Product Management

Your product manager is your point of contact to your DevSquad. They’re there to guide developers and communicate with you.

Senior Talent

Our vetted developers have 4+ years experience. They’re either employed by us or serve as our long term partners.

Monthly Subscription

We’re very confident in our work building SaaS prototypes and applications. You pay month-to- month and can cancel at any time.

After your Sprint Zero workshop, there’s no
obligation to proceed with development
  • Come to Utah for your one-day Sprint Zero Workshop
  • Walk away with a prototype to share with colleagues and potential customers
  • Request any needed changes to your prototype
  • When you’re ready, we start building so you can launch a quality product at speed

Book your Sprint Zero Workshop to make smart product decisions from Day 1

Avoid big projects with no market need. Get a realistic prototype that you can get feedback on. Make smart decisions before we write a single line of code.