Helping a midsize manufacturer increase productivity
Who are they?

Proline Range Hoods is one the biggest range hood manufacturers in the US. They believe the kitchen is the heart of every home, and are committed to bringing safety, beauty, cleanliness and comfort to every home. With their own extensive product line available online, they also supply to third party resellers.

Proline Range Hood
Enterprise Modernization
The challenge they were facing…

Proline were operating with inefficient manual and spreadsheet heavy processes. They were manually handling email orders, resulting in avoidable errors and a significant waste of staff time. Shipping orders required significant manual input (literally copying and pasting at times), which reduced efficiency and increased the likelihood of errors.

Inventory was controlled with spreadsheets, often resulting in inaccurate stock counts. This is turn had a knock-on effect on the company’s ability to fulfil orders as promised, impacting customer satisfaction. And storage of customer data was not well structured, reducing the company’s ability to serve its customers quickly and effectively.

Because of outdated desktop software, they had to process member applications manually, with lots of copy and paste work. So they were in desperate need for a better way to manage memberships.

But this is a company that works had to delight its customers, so they knew they needed custom software. Step in the DevSqaud!

How we made their day…
  • This was a company that was in dire need of smart software to make it more efficient. So we built custom software that solved their operational problems, making life better for their staff and their customers.
  • This included a custom CRM function integrated with inventory control, shipping management software and a new self-service ordering system. Designed with an easy-to-use interface, it finally allowed staff to more efficiently serve their customers.
  • We built an end-to-end inventory system and integrated it with a custom mobile app. This allowed real-time updates of stock via simple barcode scanning. This software also tracked product returns and linked to a custom business intelligence solution to manage product recalls. We also integrated
  • this inventory system with the FedEx API and the self-service order system, which significantly reduced the effort required to print labels.
  • The software we created for Proline has transformed the way they work. Gone are the inefficient and error-prone manual processes. Now they have the software they need to help them reduce operating costs, while simultaneously improving the way they serve customers.