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DevSquad is turnkey, transparent, and proactive.
Ed Ryan
Vice President of Product and Engineering at eLuma
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Ed Ryan
Technical product management
Technical product management
Most of our product managers started out as developers. They know how to keep developers on track with the product vision, and they also provide expert backlog curation, sprint planning, and other forms of support.
Mobile, web, and desktop development
Our experienced developers work together to get it done. We have the hardest developer test anyone has ever seen so that we can hire the best -of-the-best frontend, backend, and full stack developers. With our transparent processes, you’ll be able to see just how clean our code is.
mobile web and desktop development
ball business and product strategy
Business and product strategy
Grounded in product development expertise, we offer strategic advice to help you narrow down your MVP, address the biggest user problems, increase usage of top-tier subscriptions, and more. We offer strategic guidance from day one and throughout every further sprint.
UX design
Get the sleekest, simplest user interface possible. Our UX designers are obsessed with optimizing user flows based on product analytics and user testing sessions. You get expert UX design and development in one place.
ux design
qa management
QA management
Our QA managers are passionate about handling every aspect of software quality. They strategize coverage for test sprints, write scripts for automated testing, and explore apps freely from every angle to catch issues well before your users experience them.
Tech leadership and DevOps implementation
You don’t have to worry about setting up the right architecture, reviewing code, or releasing sprints. Our tech leads mentor and guide our developers while our DevOps engineers quickly deploy sprints and hotfixes. We stay ahead of the curve with best practices so you can offer the highest quality product.
tech leadership and devops implementation
See whatyour DevSquadcan do.
What DevSquad can do
New digital product ventures
Let’s strategize, build, and launch the best V1 of your product. Entrepreneurs choose us because we prioritize solving user stories and getting to market fast.
Digital product revitalization waves
Digital product revitalization
Has your product fallen far behind user expectations? We’ll build a new, improved version of the product by revitalizing your UX, backend, and core technology.
Accelerated digital transformation
Accelerated digital transformation
Your roadmap shouldn’t be a pipedream. We solve technology, team, and UX issues so your digital product can evolve at never-before-seen speeds.
Product development
B2B SaaS product development
Launch your B2B SaaS product with our fully managed team. Or, hand over the reins to an existing product for better user flows and software quality.
Product development with laravel and vuejs Ball
Product development with Laravel and Vue.js
It's no secret. We're experts in Laravel and Vue.js, and whenever possible, we'll use this perfect pair to build your product and make developers and users happy.
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DevSquad is a well-oiled machine, and the developers are shielded from customer interaction so they’re executing on their product manager’s vision and approach.
John Allen
Senior Software Engineer, Box
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John Allen
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