Case Study

How ParentPulse Went to Market in 4 Months with DevSquad

ParentPulse is a survey and parent experience platform for Christian schools. It offers survey questions, NPS ratings, experience benchmarks, and other insights to help schools gauge parent satisfaction, increase retention, and plan for the future.

Go-to-market launch in under 4 months
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Successfully bootstrapped business
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Strategic product roadmap and new future development
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They would think through these problems and
challenges and opportunities like they were their own,
bring these ideas that I hadn’t even been thinking of
and together we’d make the product better on an
iterative basis. I love that teamwork component.

Ryan Ermeling CEO and founder of Parentpulse
The Challenge

Ryan Emerling was
looking to build a SaaS
product for the first time.

He searched for help in Google and found DevSquad. His core goal for version 1 of his product was to provide a ton of value to Christian schools without having to pack it full of features. Ryan wanted to get something to market quickly, gauge customer response, and drive revenue.

The Solution

Ryan partnered with DevSquad on our
design sprint process to narrow down
the product strategy and design.

Through collaborative workshops, rapid prototyping, user testing, and iterative design, we nailed down the most strategic version 1. Then we set to work on product development, using Laravel to build a product that is lightweight, scalable, and modular.

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Without having gone through this exact process from
soup to nuts before, having that tight communication
piece was so pivotal and so critical for us.

Ryan Ermeling CEO and founder of Parentpulse
The Results

We launched the MVP of
ParentPulse in under 4 months.

Since then, Ryan has been able to bootstrap a profitable business. We’re maintaining product quality and adding new features using our dual-track agile process. We run discovery sprints to vet new features with real user testing concurrently with development sprints to upgrade the product. 

With product strategy, design, and development under one roof, Ryan can keep costs under control while continuing to add value that improves customer lifetime revenue.

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Their process has really helped me to focus. And now
as we build on that, it’s nice to have that framework
that was so solidly built, that it’s easy to scale and
enhance from there.

Ryan Ermeling CEO and founder of Parentpulse
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