How DevSquad Rescued & Rebuilt Musician’s Toolkit in Just 3 Months.

Musician’s Toolkit is an online platform for self-led instruction in vocals, band, string instruments, and more. It’s a trusted resource among students and teachers alike.

Successful project rescue

Go-to-market launch 
in 3 months

Continued innovation and business value

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  • "Not only are they incredibly savvy and capable developers but they understand value. I would put them up against any dev team in Silicon Valley any day in terms of pure talent and ease of workflow."

    VP of Product Marketing at Musician’s Toolkit

Musician’s Toolkit needed a fully managed product development team to take over their product...

...after being disappointed by an outsourced team and an internal hire. Slow development and bad architecture kept the company behind, and they were ready to fix the situation and innovate faster.

They approached DevSquad looking for a technical partner who could help them cut their losses and finally build (and maintain) its web platform just the way the company imagined.



Because of some bad data architecture decisions that had been made by their previous developer, we scrapped their web platform and started from scratch.

We architected a clean backend connected to multiple third-party services, including a modular learning management system, to save time and money on development. We designed a seamless frontend experience for users so that Musician’s Toolkit could capture the emerging online education market.

Our agile, transparent approach offered ease of mind throughout the project. Stephen was able to check our backlog progress daily and we provided proactive communication via Slack.

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  • "I thought this is going to take us at least 6 months, maybe 8 to get it to market. DevSquad actually did it in 3. They far exceeded our expectations both in quality and time."

    VP of Product Marketing at Musician’s Toolkit

In just 3 months, we completely rebuilt the Musician’s Toolkit platform.

The VC-backed company was able to go to market and reach profitability quickly. We’ve continued to build new features, strategically launching additional functionality based on market response.

Now their customers have an easy-to-use app that has improved their learning experience. Students can easily take the online lessons and quizzes, while tracking their progress. By improving the user experience, we have helped to make the technology disappear. So it’s now all about the music.

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  • "You can go the route of trying to find an in-house developer, but in the long run it’s going to be a lot more work and money than going with a team that can plug and play their process into your product."

    VP of Product Marketing at Musician’s Toolkit


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