Building a Platform to Teach the Music Stars of the Future

Musician's Toolkit

Case Study



The VC-backed company needed a fully managed product development team to take over their product after being disappointed by an outsourced team and an internal hire. Slow development and bad architecture kept the company behind, and they were ready to fix the situation and innovate faster.


Fun music education

Musician’s toolkit is a venture funded start-up, focusing on music education. Inside their platform they have some of the music industry’s finest and most distinguished professionals teach what they know, helping their students get a leg up in the music world. Students can learn about music at their own pace with high quality video lessons. With interactive quizzes that complement the learning modules, students can test themselves and make sure they’re truly learning the material.


Slow, incomplete development

Before working with us, the company had a poor experience with another software provider. The project was delivered eight months late and yet the platform only met 80% of the client’s key needs.

After this frustrating experience with an external company, the team at Musician’s Toolkit decided to build the software in-house. But that required hiring a developer, which always comes with risks. The developer they eventually hired didn’t have the coding experience to handle the complex needs of the platform, and so the project once again stalled. And unfortunately, during this overall process, a number of poor software architecture decisions were taken.

So Musician’s ToolKit approached DevSquad looking for a technical partner who could build (and maintain) its web platform just the way the company imagined. This included a complex backend connected to multiple third-party services, such as a learning management system and course management systems, that also provided a seamless frontend experience for the customer.

From that first discussion came several ideas for features that I hadn’t even considered, ways to modify the ones I did want to do a better job, and we also trimmed back on features that really weren’t necessary that would have taken more time and cost more money.
Stephen Henderson
VP of Product Marketing, Musician’s Toolkit
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Skilled development and agile processes

We assigned an amazing team of software developers to the task (including four software engineers, one QA and a Scrum Master). We continued to work with the internal product owner after initial roll out to keep improving the platform.

And not only that, we helped Musician’s Toolkit become an agile organization. They loved our agile approach to software development, they adopted the core principles and changed the way they worked.


A fully rebuilt app in just 3 months

In just 3 months, we completely rebuilt the Musician’s Toolkit platform. Now their customers have an easy-to-use app that has improved the learning experience. Students can easily take the online lessons and quizzes, while tracking their progress.

By improving the user experience, we have helped to make the technology disappear. So it’s now all about the content – the music education – and not users getting frustrated with the platform. And that’s not to mention helping the company attract new customers with a platform they can be proud of.

Key skills DevSquad offered

Ball Circles
Architecture Strategy
Project Takeover
Architecture Mitigation
UX Design
Product Management
Quality Assurance