Case Study

How LiveSeries Built a Slick Product 3X Quicker with DevSquad

LiveSeries was developed during the pandemic to bring a company’s successful live speaker panels online. It’s a more scalable, accessible arm of Eminent Series’ live event business, which features a ton of household names.

Strategic V1 of the product ready in under 5 months
Silicon-Valley style UX
Excellent speed and performance
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The team at DevSquad is as good if not better than any team I’ve worked with at Google or Facebook.

Rob Lauer CEO and Co-founder of LiveSeries
The Challenge

The pandemic hit and Rob and his team at Eminent Series were forced to cancel a ton of live events.

Just like that, the bread and butter of their business was gone. Rob and his co-founder came from technical backgrounds (with Rob having worked at Facebook and Google previously) and both felt comfortable in their ability to strategize and manage a product build. But they knew they couldn’t launch it themselves in the fast timeline they needed.

The Solution

After speaking with DevSquad, Rob knew they were the right choice.

The focus on product strategy, rapid prototyping, user testing, and dual-track agile development proved that this team had the expertise he was looking for. 

We went to work to help Eminent Series start generating revenue during the pandemic as quickly as possible. As with all clients, Rob was set up with a squad of product strategists, developers, UX designers, DevOps engineers, QA testers, and a product manager to keep everyone on track.

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They have delivered in spades and even proactively thought through things that I hadn’t even thought of.

Rob lauer CEO and co-founder of liveseries
The Results

We developed a product with excellent UX and several important API integrations to make use of existing functionality

Rather than build live streaming and other complex capabilities from scratch. 

If Rob had chosen to manage talent in-house, the build would’ve taken at least 3X longer. But by acquiring a high-performing product team from day one, Rob was able to meet user needs in just 5 months.

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It was like having an entire development side of my company. The platform that DevSquad has built for us is beautiful, extremely fast, slick, and efficient.

Rob Lauer CEO and founder of LiveSeries
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