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You can think of DevSquad as the Navy SEALs of software development.

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You already know that Laravel is the right PHP framework for your product

but now you need the right team

All Laravel developers are not equally talented. Yes, Laravel makes it easy for developers to write lightweight, readable code. But that doesn’t mean your product will be easy to use or valuable for your customer. Choosing the right development team is essential.

Get Laravel expertise, with smart product management too.

DevSquad has everything it takes to create a functional, beautiful & sticky product

Entrepreneurs and growing companies keep coming back to us with new products and projects. That’s why we’re confident enough to work without long-term contracts.

The Laravel development company that offers a fully managed team, so you can launch a quality product faster

One of our product managers oversees your SaaS product and communicates daily with you

Laravel is the best PHP framework. It’s easy to maintain and includes built-in features that make development more affordable for you.

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Want even more ease of mind? 

Every DevSquad client interfaces with an experienced, Utah-based product manager who helps you scope your project, meet the demands of the end user, and keep your Laravel project on track and on time.

We employ senior level Laravel developers because we stand behind their work

No long-term contracts, pay every month as you go


Top Notch, Experienced Developers

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Customer-Centric Product Management


Monthly Pricing Based on the Size of Your Squad

Get your own DevSquad of Laravel developers

» Talk with us about your Laravel development project 

» Receive a quote for your monthly development subscription 

» Get started right away, and modify or cancel your service at any time 

» Launch your intuitive, high-value SaaS product as soon as possible

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Work with the Laravel development company that provides you with an experienced product manager, based right here in the USA

Steer clear of ugly UX, pointless features, long contracts and freelance developers working with no direction. We know Laravel. And we do it right.

You bring the idea, we bring the process & expertise

Your DevSquad Laravel Developers are ready to go

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