Helping attorneys provide a superior service to their clients
Who are they?

Since 1990, personal injury attorneys, Siegfried & Jensen, have been helping the people of Utah and surrounding states who have suffered from injuries and death caused by vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, defective drugs, dog bites, and other types of personal injury.

“We understand that a lawsuit isn’t always the answer. But we also understand that having someone on your side can mean the difference between declaring bankruptcy and rebuilding your life and moving forward, especially when you’re up against an insurance company or a hospital.”

Siegfried & Jensen
Enterprise Modernization
The challenge they were facing…

The firm works on a large number of cases each year, so keeping clients updated by phone and email was a time-consuming task. And not necessarily the most convenient approach for the clients themselves.

Their marketing team was also working in a number of different platforms, spending too much time switching between and updating various apps, and not being able to easily keep track of activity to measure against their KPIs.

And the company had no easy way to measure customer satisfaction or employee performance.

How we made their day…
  • We built a web application for Siegfried & Jensen that helped them manage cases and automatically update their clients on the status of the case.
  • We also built a marketing dashboard that brought all the important information the team needed into one place. By ending the inefficient practice of using multiple apps, the marketing team is now able to make smarter and faster decisions.
  • And we also integrated a customer survey into the employees’ email signature. This now provides regular insights to management, allowing them to respond to problems and opportunities much faster