Expand your dev team - DevSquad

Expand Your Team with our battle-tested team of elite developers


Skip the weeks and months of frustrating searching,
vetting and onboarding of software developers.
What you face:

  • icon No more time-consuming searching

  • icon No more due diligence

  • iconNo more crossing your fingers

  • iconNo more hoping a developer will work out

With DevSquad, you can add talented software
developers to your team with one phone call.
You’ll get:

  • icon Ready-made, battle-tested elite developers (whether you need one, two or ten developers for your team)

  • iconDevelopers that have been vetted, tested and proven to deliver awesome code

  • iconDevelopers that are easy-to-work-with and who will slot into your team without fuss

  • iconDevelopers capable of handling the most complex of technical problems under intense time pressure

  • iconAnd developers that are here for you for as long as you need them

Expand or shrink your team quickly and with zero risk

We provide you with the extra developers you need,
when you need them. Think of it like software development
as a service. It’s a model that’s good for your


You remain super flexible

You’re not committing to a large project fee or an even larger salary. You can scale your development team quickly and easily.


You tightly control costs

You pay a monthly fee for a certain number of developer days. Need more developers? Simply scale up your subscription. Need to cut development time? No problem.


You make every dollar work

Instead of having too many developers siting on their butts, or too few developers working their butts off, you only use (and pay for) the software development expertise you actually need.

“Ok great, so you can help me expand my team quickly.”

“But how do I know your developers are any good?”

It’s simple: our recruiting process (side note: we employ all our developers).

We don’t just hire anyonE
Vetting Process

Our vetting process is tough. Every software developer, regardless of their resume, has to pass a rigorous review of their skills. From technical knowledge to problem solving, from attention to detail to professional integrity, we stress test everyone.

You get a formed team

95% of developers fail to meet our standards. We employ the other 5%.And you don’t just get excellent developers, you get a ready-formed team. They sit together, work on projects together, solve problems together and build great software together.

Need awesome developers (like yesterday)?

But talented developers alone are not enough

We have a process that will "knock your socks off"
  • We give you quality software quickly
  • We keep your costs under control
  • We eliminate stress entirely from the process
How we build Software quickly

We follow the Scrum method of software development. It’s a fast and iterative process. Your software will be created in small
teams of 2-6 developers, breaking the work into two-week development cycles (called “sprints”). Progress is monitored daily
and at the end of each sprint you have new workable software.So there’s no waiting for big releases. No wondering when
your project will ever be finished. You get the benefits quickly.

how we keep your costs under control

Expanding your development team with DevSquad is gentle on your bottom line:

  • Cash-flow friendly pricing model

    You’re not committing to an epic two-year sized project fee. We operate on a cash-flow-friendly monthly subscription service.

  • Highly productive developers

    We hire the developers who write flawless code at crazy speeds. So you know that every hour you pay for is a productive one.

  • Rock solid and efficient process

    Our lean and agile development process allows us to always keep a tight handle on costs, regardless of the size or complexity of your project.

how we eliminate stress for you

You might be worried about hiring a distributed team, a team that’s not in your office. But it’s a common model used by major
blue chip companies. And we make sure your developers feel like part of your team with the highest standards of team communication
and collaboration. You will always know what’s gong on.

  • You’ll get access to a detailed project dashboard (you’ll see exactly what your developers are working on and what’s coming next)

  • You’ll get bi-weekly project update meetings (this is time to review where we’re at, and adjust the development roadmap)

  • And your dedicated developers will be available to you at all times in your own Slack Channel.

Need awesome developers (like yesterday)?