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Your competitors
love the fact you
use outdated


They want you to be using the crappiest,
clunkiest, most inefficient software
known to man.

And too many companies are happy to oblige.

They have the attitude that, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But when it comes to software, this attitude is dangerous... While it feels safe, it’s actually high-risk.

Because while you’re using old software and patching everything together with inefficient workarounds, your competitors are using custom built software to become more productive, more efficient and to better serve your shared customers.

And in the long run, this means you lose.

But look, you know this. You know you need to modernize your software,
because you’re feeling the pain…

It has becom e increasingly expensive to maintain your old systems

This old software doesn’t talk well to new software
(hence the inefficient workarounds)

Your team is not as productive as it could be
what if you choose another bad developer?

You’re not able to attract, serve and delight your customers like you need to

But despite these pains,
you’ve got some major concerns...



A big software project is daunting:

Modernizing legacy software can be complex, it can take longer than planned and is often prone to failure. How do you make the transition from legacy systems to modern software without it all blowing up in your face?




It’s going to disrupt normal work:

You need your team to be more productive, not less. So the idea of having disruptive system downtime turns you off the idea of updating your software (even though you know you need to).




It’s going to be eye- wateringly expensive:

It’s not just the predicted cost of a software modernization project that worries you. It’s the fear that those costs are going to spiral out of control.


It sounds like you need the DevSquad – a battle-tested team of experienced software developers…

Modernize your clunky enterprise software
(at startup speeds and budget-friendly costs)

We work with medium to large enterprise companies to develop new applications,
tools and platforms. We give you enterprise-grade software development
with startup speed and agility.

Yes, software projects can be daunting, but not the way we do it…
The old way of building software was daunting. Epic projects could take anywhere from 6 to 36 months, sucking up time and resources like a hungry black hole. We do it differently… How we do it

We follow the Scrum method of software development. It’s a fast and iterative process. After agreeing a project roadmap, your software will be created in small teams of 2-4 developers, breaking up your project into development cycles (called “sprints”). Progress is monitored daily and at the end of each sprint you have new workable software.

So there is no huge intimidating project. There’s no waiting for big releases. And there’s no wondering when your project will ever be finished. This is the smartest way to modernize your software portfolio.

Software projects can disrupt operations, but not the way we do it…
You’re hiring a team of top-tier developers. We’ve seen it all. We’ve faced problems of mind-boggling complexity. Problems that other developers have tried to solve and failed. Yet our team always finds a way.
That’s because we don’t just hire anyone.
- Our vetting process is tough. Every software developer, regardless of their resume, has to pass a rigorous review of their skills. And we don’t just test technical knowledge, we assess the whole person.
This includes soft skills, like how well they work with others, and their ability to solve complex technical problems – both essential skills for a software modernization project.
- 95% of developers fail to meet our standards. We employ the 5% that can.

Yes, the price tag can make your eyeballs pop out, but not the way we do it…
Unless you’re Apple Inc. (Tim, we’re here for you buddy), we know you’re worried about how much it’s going to cost. So we’ve designed our service to give you the biggest bang for your buck, while eliminating any scary commitment of capital. You’ll get…

Cash-flow friendly pricing model
You’re not committing to an epic two-year sized project fee. We operate on a cash-flow-friendly monthly subscription service. Think of it like software-development-as-a-service.

Highly productive developers
The very best developers write faultless code at dizzying speeds. We’ve hired them. So you know that every hour you pay for is a productive one.

Rock solid and efficient process
Our lean and agile development process allows us to always keep a tight handle on costs, regardless of the size or complexity of your project.

Want to know more about our cash-flow-friendly pricing model?

We’ll never leave
you in the dark

You get full project visibility at all times, because
we know the importance of great communication.
With 100% transparency throughout your project,
we give you complete peace of mind:


Αccess to a detailed project dashboard

Get access to a detailed project dashboard (you’ll see exactly what we’re working on, what’s coming next and what’s already been published).


Βi-weekly project update meetings

Get bi-weekly project update meetings (this is time to review where we’re at, and adjust the development roadmap)


Dedicated Slack Channel

Get in touch with your team via your own dedicated Slack Channel (your project manager is always here to help).

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