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We discover your product's value, redesign the UX, and rebuild core technology from the ground up.

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Our relationship and our level of communication is as they were our own in-house team. They feel ownership in our product, and they know our product really well. Our development possibilities with DevSquad are endless.
Drew Sparks
CEO at SwellCX
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Drew Sparks

This service is perfect for

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Government agencies

Your product is outdated and difficult to use, but you want to exceed user expectations.
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Legacy software providers

You have a profitable business but your user base is abandoning your platform for more modern tools.
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You've built your product in house or with an unskilled agency, and need DevSquad to save it.

Modern, sticky UX

Without an excellent user interface, your users

will churn or flood your support team with

repetitive questions. We build simple, intuitive interfaces that users understand in a matter of



Technology strategy

What are the best frameworks and language for

rebuilding your app? We use developer favorites

like Laravel and Vue.js to create lightweight, fast

code. Your product will be ready for limitless

future innovation.

End-to-end management

We build digital products from start to finish,

including strategy, UX, product management,

engineering, technical leadership, DevOps, and

QA. You never have to worry about getting

different talents to work together-our processes

and timelines are tight.

Startup-level launch speed

No matter the size of your organization, startup

speed is now your competitive advantage. We

erase years of stagnant product development

and are able to revamp most products in a matter

of months. Surprise your stakeholders and your



User testing and flow


Your users hold most of the information we need

to make your product a success. We offer user

testing and continued UX flow optimization to

improve your product experience and user

retention rates.


Powering up your people

A revitalized product unleashes potential. You can

power up your users with better tools. You can

free up the path ahead for your company to set

ambitious goals and actually achieve them, now

that your product is working for you instead of

against you.

Handover when you're ready

Some of our clients stick with us for years,

continuing to bring new visions and problems

while we manage the product. But if you want to

start building in-house, we'll hand over

everything smoothly and upskill your team to

make sure the handoff is a success.


How we rebuilt Drivably in 45 days

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The new product is written in Laravel, but that's only part of the reason why they were able to work faster than our internal team. I think it really comes down to their experience building products for early stage companies. They know how to build an MVP and it shows every day.

Tyler Hall
CEO & Founder of Drivably

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