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The 10-day sprint is designed to produce a high fidelity prototype that’s been tested and validated by your ideal target users

Modeled on Google’s Design Sprint framework

Design Sprint

“Our relationship and our level of communication is as if they were our own in-house team. They feel ownership in our product, they know our product really well. Our development possibilities with DevSquad are endless”

Drew Sparks

CEO at SwellCX

What’s the Design Sprint schedule?

The Design Sprint takes you through a structured process so you can layout all of the possible features, condense it into a real MVP, play around with a high fidelity prototype, and get feedback from users.

design sprint schedule

What do you get after a Design Sprint?

The result is a prototype that has been reiterated and is ready to build.

When you go through our Design Sprint, you can be sure that you’re committing to the right product scope no matter who you build your MVP with.

A high fidelity prototype

A high fidelity prototype

The prototype will look and feel exactly like your finished product. Some features will even function so you can play around with it and move through the most important user flows.

Results from user testing

Results from user testing

We help you build what works and what users ask for. We develop user testing scenarios and organize testing sessions. Then we hand over a presentation with the success rate for each feature or scenario, as well as qualitative feedback.

The scope of a true MVP

The scope of a true MVP

Dreaming big is what allows us to start tiny. We dive into all of the possibilities before uncovering what’s essential. Along with a prototype for a true MVP, you also get the backlog that would be required to build it.

What can you achieve by doing a Design Sprint?

Building software is a huge commitment of time, money, and even devotion. You don’t want to start the process with doubt.

After doing a Design Sprint, you can begin development with all of the benefits that come from having a high fidelity prototype and a validated MVP concept.

DevSquad Web DesignSprint Icons 4 Less risk

less risk

Pre-validate your MVP before you build it with real user testing and qualitative feedback from your colleagues, your higher ups, and your investors.

cost savings

cost savings

No big software development projects that go nowhere. No month-long discovery processes. Gain the speed of the world’s most innovative companies.

smart commitment

smart commitment

Know what you’re committing to build and why. Get the confidence you need to cut feature sets, make decisions, and stick to the roadmap that matters.

Why work with DevSquad?

DevSquad offers a plug-and-play squad of developers, UI designers, QA testers, product managers, and DevOps engineers. These high-performance agile teams help take new products to market in a matter of months. As experts in SaaS development and other low-code technology, DevSquad is known for building quality products at speed. 

DevSquad’s leadership team excels at the creation of true MVPs and utilizes Google’s Design Sprint methodology to help their clients innovate faster than their competitors. DevSquad is a long-term partner, and development resources can be flexibly added and removed over time. 

» Ruthless with scaling back MVPs 

» One-of-a-kind monthly subscription pricing model 

» Fully managed agile teams 

» Silicon-Valley trained, Utah based

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Case studies for DevSquad’s Design Sprint

DevSquad Web DesignSprint Icons 7 Atlantic case study

Learn how Atlantic Home Mortgage distilled a complicated offering into a user-friendly product

“No other company offered me a service like the Design Sprint. I liked the idea that you could get in and hammer out all the details instead of doing 50 conference calls.” 

— Tony Davis, Partner, Atlantic Home Mortgage

DevSquad Web DesignSprint Icons 8 Drivably case study

Learn how Drivably designed, validated, and built faster with DevSquad

“Based on how methodical the process was, I could see this wasn’t their first rodeo. They’ve done this for dozens of clients, and it shows. During the long working sessions, we got down to business and it was very clear what we were trying to accomplish. They took my time very seriously.” 

— Tyler Hall, CEO & Founder, Drivably

Learn even more about Design Sprints

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What is a Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint concept was started by GV (formerly Google Ventures) to help divert funding and resources to the most promising solutions. It is a five-phase process that includes story mapping, solution pitching, prototyping, user testing, and reiterating.

What is the purpose of a Design Sprint?

The key purpose is to consider all of the possible solutions to a problem before arbitrarily picking and wasting too much time on any one of them. The goal is to strategically choose which solution to build, and to get real feedback on it before committing large amounts of resources to its completion.

What is the business value of a Design Sprint?

The business value is enormous. At the end of a Design Sprint, the team has a clear understanding of what their MVP should be, what’s extraneous, and what comes later in the roadmap. More importantly, they have user validation and a high fidelity prototype that they can use to get even more feedback on before building.

How do I prepare for a Design Sprint to get the most out of it?

You’ll get the best results out of a Design Sprint if you bring the right people with you. A Design Sprint should be attended by 2 to 5 people from your company. Each should come prepared to state their understanding of the problem being solved, what the user needs, and their proposed solution.

What happens after the Design Sprint?

After the workshop component of the Design Sprint, we begin work on your prototype so we can get going on the user testing. After a round of user testing and feedback from you, we reiterate to deliver the final high fidelity prototype and its accompanying backlog. After that 10 day process (the entire Design Sprint), what happens next is up to you. You can work with us to build out your MVP.

What sizes of companies should do Design Sprints?

Companies of all sizes can use the Design Sprint process to validate a concept before they fully invest in it. In addition, at a large organization, the prototype can be used by product champions to sway decision makers. It can be used to get everyone on the same page before development begins, so that there’s no costly confusion or stalling. Early stage startups can show the prototype to investors, and will obviously benefit from scaling back their ideas into a true MVP and collecting user feedback on their concept. This also serves the purpose of seeing how committed new entrepreneurs are to what they’re building.

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