Case Study

How CountingWorks PRO Rebuilt a More Scalable SaaS Product with DevSquad

CountingWorks PRO is an all-in-one marketing and practice management platform for tax and accounting professionals. It offers everything tax pros need to digitize and grow their practice.

10X user capacity
Resolution of infrastructure and UX issues
Time savings for founder (no management required)
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DevSquad enabled us to scale to a significantly large software firm without stressing about the infrastructure and everything falling apart.

Lee Reams CEO and Founder of CountingWorks PRO
The Challenge

CountingWorks PRO had gone through
two development groups...

...and they were still struggling to find someone who could manage the product end to end. The companies they tried always had talent gaps. Maybe it was design, user experience, analysis, DevOps, or a combination.

As a result, CountingWorks PRO was riddled with issues. The infrastructure and bandwidth couldn’t support the user growth they wanted. The UX left a lot to be desired.

The Solution

DevSquad rebuilt CountingWorks PRO
from the ground up.

Working from scratch lent a faster, better approach than attempting to fix the current product, because there were issues at every level. 

The rebuild focused on scalability and user experience so that CountingWorks PRO would be able to take on new users without causing infrastructure or customer support nightmares.

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When we had a different developer, I was basically in meetings half the day and now it’s more focusing on the business, the product, selling, marketing, operations. They freed me up to be able to do that.

Lee Reams CEO and Founder of CountingWorks PRO
The Results

The completely redesigned
platform has been a huge hit
with users.

With a superior user experience, CountingWorks PRO fields far fewer customer support questions. The scalability and capacity of the product have also increased 10X. 

And for his part, Lee no longer has to spend half his day managing developers. He can focus on growing his business instead.

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I have peace of mind that I found a partner, not a vendor. Someone who is there for the long run. They want me to be successful.

Lee Reams CEO and Founder of CountingWorks PRO
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