How BoosterHub Solved Booster Club Management with DevSquad.

Coaches and parents know that running a sports booster club is a mess. Well, not anymore. Instead of cobbling together dozens of different tools and taking cash payments at snack shacks, clubs can now be streamlined and fully digital.

Launched a strategic V1 of the product in 6 months

Set the stage for 10,000 users

Successful bootstrapping

Helpful handover to new in-house team

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  • "A lot of other companies were just wanting to give us a quote, but DevSquad really wanted to guide us and help us."

    CEO and Founder of BoosterHub

As a mom of three, Robin had spent a lot of time volunteering for and managing her kids sports booster clubs.

Running snack shacks and turning away hungry customers who didn’t have cash was only part of the problem. The students' and parents’ contact information, website, merch, schedules, and volunteer requests were spread all over the place.

She decided to do something about it, and the idea for BoosterHub was born, but she knew nothing about building a software business and didn’t know where to start.



Robin came to visit us in Utah for an in-person design sprint.

We workshopped the problem and multiple solutions until we had whittled down the feature set to the essentials. We prototyped the concept and got feedback from real target users. 

With an enthusiastic green light from their target audience, it was time to build. Using Laravel and our high-performing team structure, we launched the most strategic version 1 of the product in just 6 months.

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  • "We absolutely recommend DevSquad. They are a great partner all around, whether it's writing the code, giving business advice, or just showing you how to do it, they’re a terrific partner for getting started in the software business."

    CEO and Founder of BoosterHub

Through personal connections and worth of mouth, BoosterHub had a successful launch and has only grown from there...

...easily reaching 10,000 users only two years after Robin’s first meeting with DevSquad. BoosterHub decided to bring development in-house, and DevSquad was there to assist. 

We’re always happy to hand the product over, train the new team, provide documentation, and answer any questions. Whether you want to someday manage an in-house team like Robin or never worry about development again, we’re here to help.

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  • "We now have an in-house development team of about 5 people. We’ve got 10,000 users in our system. We processed 70,000 transactions this year for over 2 million dollars. And our team has found that DevSquad’s work was great and they were able to build upon it."

    CEO and founder of BoosterHub


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