Scaling up the Smart Way


< 1 min read   How do you scale up? Kyle Racki, CEO of Proposify, has lived through this scenario, and brought his hard-won experience to our podcast recently. “Simply adding people to a product team doesn’t help,” said Racki. Nor does the traditional waterfall (or bottleneck) approach where product designers come up with the ideas and hand it off […]

Ecommerce Software Development: How to Upgrade a Plane While It’s Flying


< 1 min read   E-commerce sites live and die by their software. So what happens when you need to update it? It’s a lot like upgrading a plane while it is still flying. This is what does every two weeks according to Michael Finger, Overstock’s Director of Software Development in Marketing. Finger is always evaluating new technologies […]

How to Recruit Expert Advocates for Your Brand


< 1 min read   It’s not that I don’t trust you but… For me to believe you, I need to see social proof. And not just any social proof will do. I’m looking for expert advice. That’s what Tom Stockham, CEO of ExpertVoice, has created for hundreds of thousands of expert advocates for over 500 brands.    These […]

Why High Friction Could Be The Reason Your Product Isn’t Taking Off


< 1 min read   Humans are always looking for the path with the least amount of friction. It’s just how we’re wired. And the same goes for products and apps we use. We want things to feel intuitive, natural, and smooth. Chuck Elias is the CEO & Co-founder at Sciensio where they train AI chatbots to interact with […]

Why Pencil and Paper Are The Best Product Development Technology


< 1 min read   A pen and paper may be the most important tech in your product development toolbox. That’s one of the insights we learned when we recently spoke with Robison Rogers, Product Manager over Weave’s Messaging Services, a communication platform serving small and medium sized businesses that helps make sure every time slot is filled. Rogers […]

Is Programmatic Advertising Right for Your Company?


< 1 min read   Is programmatic advertising right for your company? We asked Jordan Bentley, founder of Clear RTB, a platform for advertisers, agencies, and media publishers that aims to streamline marketing and give advertising power back to businesses. Programmatic advertising is a market where publishers (web site owners, podcasts, event digital TV channels) provide real-time ad auctions. […]

Guaranteed SaaS Sales: Distribution-First Product Strategy


< 1 min read   If you’re developing SaaS products, you may be doing it wrong, according to Toby Scammell, founder of Womply. Womply serves more than 150,000 small businesses around the country with reputation management, marketing automation, business intelligence, CRM, and payment processing solutions. Scammell believes in a distribution-first product strategy. With a distribution first strategy, getting your […]

6 Ways to use Data and Process to Get Better Sales Results


< 1 min read   It’s a simple formula: Better processes + leveraging available data = better sales results. But where is the roadmap to get there? Scott Smith is the CEO at Launch Leads where they help companies scale faster and efficiently through the use of their multi-channel solution.   Here are 6 ways Scott and his team […]

Save Time and Money on Building Management


< 1 min read   If you own commercial real estate, have you ever wanted your properties to have a “check engine” light to warn you before trouble happens? Just like owning a car, forgetting or neglecting to build maintenance and management can lead to disaster. Our recent podcast guest, Miguel Ramos of Limble CMMS, has software that will […]