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Most Software Development Projects Fail: Here’s Why (And What to Do Instead)

Studies show that the Agile Method has a 64% success rate compared to traditional models, and 97% of organizations believe that a sustainable project management process is critical to success. But when it comes to Agile, successful implementation isn’t always guaranteed. There are a number of reasons Agile projects fail, but the good news is that there are also ways to avoid these pitfalls.

What is a User Story and Why Does It Matter?

If you already have an idea for your app, then you might be wondering what to do next. Since you’re a non-technical founder you’re going to be handling a lot of the initial development processes yourself (don’t worry, none of these involve coding).

Why You Should Stop Looking For a Technical Co-Founder

A lot of founders who don’t have the technical chops to code an app from the ground up immediately start to search for a technical co-founder to help bring their app into the world. This does seem like the logical next step, but we believe this might be a waste of your valuable time.