Helping an entrepreneur build a new fintech SaaS product.

Who are they?

Advisor Metrix is business intelligence and insights software as a service product, designed to deliver insights for financial advisors interested in making better business decisions. In Advisor Metrix users can:

  • Manage the prospect pipeline, and identify the most productive products, relationships and client segments at-a-glance
  • Track money movement in real-time
  • And view current asset and revenue opportunities and gaps
Advisor Metrix
Startup MVP Development
The challenge they were facing…

This SaaS product was the brainchild of Thom K Hall, an experienced financial advisor. He spotted a gap in his market for a software product that helps advisors gain a holistic overview of their business.

Other than actually building the product, the three key challenges he faced were.

  • Knowing which features to build first in-order to get to market quickly, while ensure the product served customers well.
  • The finance industry is highly regulated, so it was important the software met the stringent security standards expected of products in the fintech space.
  • He needed the product to collect financial data from many sources and have it display that information in one place for his customers.

As an entrepreneur without the coding skills to overcome these challenges himself, he turned to the DevSquad.

How we made their day…
  • Firstly, we helped Thom make the all important decision about which features to build first. We did this through customer validation techniques, including participating with Thom at industry events to gather data from prospective users. Once the feature priority list was determined, we implemented a SCRUM development approach to build these features quickly.
  • And to ensure the product met all financial regulations, we implemented a rigorous security framework, ensuring all financial data inside the software was protected through sophisticated encryption.
  • In the end, we built a new SaaS product that helps financial advisors gather information from many sources in a single app, and displays that information so they can make smarter decisions faster.