How DevSquad Helped ADP Launch a New Resource Platform for Offboarded Employees






ADP Ventures needed a partner to quickly launch a new MVP for their internal team to then take over. They were looking for help with strategizing MVP features, building in short sprints for user testing, and launching with startup-level speed.


Finding experts in launching MVPs quickly

ADP already has effective development practices for building and maintaining their products for HR, talent management, time tracking, benefits management, and payroll. But the team at ADP Ventures knew that for their new platform, there would be value in partnering with a development team that specializes in MVPs. They wanted to build with startup-style architecture and speed to quickly validate each feature with user testing.


Working together to strategize the MVP

ADP Ventures and DevSquad began by strategizing the MVP. Rather than get stuck in revisions of requirements and documentation, they agreed on the first batch of essential features, including career profiles, AI-driven occupation matches, and AI-driven resume readiness assessments for desired jobs. The product managers at DevSquad partnered with multiple stakeholders at ADP Ventures, including the CTO, product managers, UX researchers, and designers to get complete buy-in on critical MVP features.

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  • “It’s very hard to do a design sprint effectively in house. You need a specialist and a different perspective. DevSquad is very strong in facilitating these discussions, and the Design Sprint is clearly one of their core capabilities.”

    Darren Cho
    Darren Cho
    Senior Director of Product at ADP Ventures


Building with startup-like processes

Once the first few features were approved by all stakeholders, DevSquad delivered on a cycle of every two weeks. This way, the ADP UX researchers could get feedback from users quickly. Throughout the process, the key DevSquad product manager met with ADP Ventures stakeholders individually and as a team to take feedback on the builds and to rapidly reiterate.

The ADP Ventures team was impressed with the development speed, and appreciated the ability to give feedback on actual builds right away, instead of on documentation. The rapid building process helped everyone to visualize the features, see what was possible, and determine what was the most important feature to build next.

Launching the product in under 6 months

Utilizing Laravel for the first time at ADP was also a pleasant surprise. The architecture of the employee offboarding app allowed for faster integrations with third party tools for career assessments, job searches, and resume assessments. Meanwhile, it was also quicker to natively build courses and job hunting resources into the platform than it would have been with any other development framework.

By serving ADP Ventures with a fast development process, including Laravel architecture, smart feature prioritization, and two-week sprints, DevSquad was able to launch the product in under 6 months.

Most importantly, the team at DevSquad was able to keep to ADP’s high standards for development as a global brand. The new product, Nexpert by ADP, has been rolled out, and is freely available on the web. ADP Ventures will recommend the platform to employees in the offboarding stage, in order to help them identify the perfect career path, prepare for it, network, and find their next job.


Transferring knowledge and product ownership to ADP

From the beginning of the project, the goal was for ADP to take ownership of Nexpert after the launch, as the team was looking for outside help in quickly launching an MVP.

DevSquad readily facilitated the handover process with full knowledge transfer and Laravel training. Within just two weeks of the handover, developers at ADP were already onboarded and pushed their first code updates. ADP Ventures received expert guidance in launching an MVP product, from the features to the architecture to the integrations.

And with complete product handover, ADP can continue to iterate on its new platform for offboarding employees with the best possible resources, guidance, and tools.


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Knowledge Transfer


MVP Strategy


Architecture Strategy


Laravel Development


Laravel Training

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