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Leave the burden of hiring and managing developers behind

Our Utah software development company has perfected agile teams. From product prototyping through regression testing, we’re here for you.

Innovative businesses trust DevSquad
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You can’t hire developers fast enough

There are so many skill sets needed to bring your vision to life. You’re likely struggling with all or some of these:

Little to no experience managing high-performing dev teams

Too time consuming to hire talent

Takes too long to get new hires up and running

Lack of QA, DevOps and product managers who support quality development work.

Work with a development shop that works as a fully fledged product team

Our plug-and-play teams are ready to go. With DevSquad, you don’t have to hire, train, nurture and orchestrate productive teams. You bring the vision. We bring the people who are talented, experienced and excited to begin.

Products not projects

We don’t build just to build. From who we hire to how we work, we treat every client project like the product that it is. We see it through.

Fully managed team

The importance of this cannot be overstated. A lack of strategic management can add years to your timeline and destroy your budget.

No upfront commitment

Assembling a team that works together effectively takes time that you don’t have.

What does a DevSquad look like

Take a look at how we build our team structure for success. The smartest possible way to acquire a high-performing distributed team. On every DevSquad, you get:

2–6 Dedicated Developers

Work with DevSquad and get 2–6 dedicated senior level developers working on your project only

1 Project Manager

Your team of developers comes fully equipped with a product manager who helps implement your strategic vision.

Our UX/UI Designer

Who keeps your product looking great and user-friendly.

Our VP Team

Every DevSquad has access to our VP team, who is on board to help developers and product managers with any need.

Our QA Team

We never ship bad code—our QA team manages manual and automated testing for every client product.

Our DevOps Team

Our DevOps team oversees cloud infrastructure, security and scalability to keep your users happy around the clock.


In the heart of our approach

When we do our best work, we’ll always be able to grow our business

We don’t build things we don’t believe in our don’t see a need for just to make a buck

An ego-free environment means we can focus on the end-user, not ourselves

You hold the key to creating successful individuals and communities

Great work is rewarded without having to lock clients in to big contracts

There are enough real-world problems to solve, so we should never create any

In business, relationship matters the most. every client isn’t just a client, they’re our business partners

We work with clients who appreciation our feedback, pushback, processes and experience

Business are the engine that make the world a better place and devsquard serves as high octane fuel for your business engine, that’s why we work with companies we respect and trust

A note from our founder, Phil Alves

Providing Latin American developers with great income and opportunity.

In my late teens and early twenties I turned my SaaS product into the widest used Direct Sales CRM software in the Brazilian market and then sold it in 2010.

In 2011, I moved from Londrina, Brazil to the Salt Lake City Area. For a short time, I served as a lead developer at a great company, but I missed managing a comprehensive team and making important product decisions. I started DevSquad, so I could bring the experience that I had managing a team and building a successful SaaS business to other entrepreneurs with business ideas that fill a market need.

Since then, we’ve grown substantially. We’ve helped launch SaaS products for entrepreneurs that have gone on to make successful exits, and we’ve built mission-critical products for enterprises and organizations as well as our own use cases.

Throughout it all, we’ve relied on top-notch talent in Brazil and other parts of Latin America to work alongside our product strategists in our US office.

For me, it’s significant to bring opportunity back to my home country. Our clients respect this as well. It’s really the best of both worlds. You can come and visit us in Utah. And you can rest assured that we’re finding the best talent in Latin America. Every developer works on our own internal projects for 1 – 3 months before they ever touch client work. That’s the real-life vetting or testing process that we stand by.

When you partner with DevSquad, you help me bring more development work to Latin America, and you get Silicon Valley-style, customer-centric product management.

Design sprint workshop required to kick-off brand new products

Remote or in Salt Lake City

For new products, we kick off every engagement with a required one or two-day design sprint. This can happen remotely, or in our Utah office. The workshop allows us to achieve your vision for a much lower investment than the dev shops selling you on the concept that more is more. It isn’t. Less is more, and product validation is everything.

Work with a development team you can trust at every stage.

From decision-making to development to continued quality, DevSquad is your top choice