You’ve got a killer idea for a product.

You have the funds.

And you’ve got the entrepreneurial chops to make this happen.

But you’ve also got a problem…

You’re not a software developer (or if you are, you don’t have time to code because you’re already juggling 27 balls).

And you need to get moving quickly…

So you need someone to build it.

But finding the right software developers to build your product isn’t easy. You could…

Search for a technical co-founder – which is no easy task and probably means giving away a chunk of equity the size of California (to someone you barely know)

Hire in-house developers – but this is an expensive and risky commitment; you could be months in before you realize you made the wrong choice (not to mention the mountains of extra paperwork and responsibility)

Find a team of freelancers – which means hunting in the Wild West of freelancer websites, looking for the talent among the trash. Even if you do stumble across good developers, they won’t have met before, so will be learning how to work together as a team (on your dime, of course).

At best this is time-consuming and stressful. At worst, it’s a frustratingly expensive mistake that can sink your startup.

Start day one with a high-performing software development team

With DevSquad you hit the ground running. We help you build your product, take it to market, and improve it as you scale.

No more searching for developers. No more stress and uncertainty. Just a clear pathway to success.

That’s because you’re not hiring untested freelancers. You’re not hiring a team of developers that have never worked together. You’re hiring an experienced team of top-tier programmers; a team we’ve taken great pains to build.

With offices in Brazil and our headquarters in Utah, we employ all our developers. They sit together, work on projects together, solve problems together and build great software together.

And we don’t just hire anyone…

Only talented developers work on your product

They don’t just let any old Tom, Dick or Harry into the Navy SEALs. Likewise, it’s not easy to become part of the DevSquad team.

Our vetting process is tough. Every software developer, regardless of their resume, has to pass a rigorous review of their skills. From technical knowledge to problem solving, from attention to detail to professional integrity, we stress test everyone.

95% of developers fail to meet our standards. We employ those that do pass. That means the top 5% are ready and waiting to start building your software product.

Get your product to market with a fast and agile development process

Talent alone is not enough. Successful software projects happen because of great process. Our process, just like our team, has been forged under pressure. It has three core goals:

To ensure we build quality software quickly
To keep development (and therefore costs) under control
And to make the process completely stress free for you.

Watch your product take shape quickly

We follow the Scrum method of managing software development. This is a fast and iterative process. Your product will be built by a small team of 2-4 developers, breaking the work into two-week development cycles (called “sprints”). Progress is monitored daily and at the end of each sprint you have new workable software.

This allows us to quickly build your prototype (to show investors) or your minimum viable product (so you can start getting market validation). And then we build out additional features according to an agreed roadmap.

So no waiting for big releases. No wondering when it will ever be finished. You’ll see your software develop in real time. You’ll see your product take shape.

Get full project visibility (so you’re never in the dark)

To give you complete peace of mind, we’re 100% transparent with our process. You get access to a detailed project dashboard, giving you real-time updates on the status of all the work we’re doing.

You’ll see exactly what we’re working on, what’s coming next and what’s been published to the staging server awaiting your approval – allowing you to manage your time efficiently.

And if you’ve got better things to do than watch hour-by-hour progress (we won’t be offended), then you can just wait for our bi-weekly project updates, or get in touch via your own dedicated Slack channel.

We write code to test your code (yeah, that’s a thing)

The only way to prove that a product is watertight is to dunk it in water. That’s what we do with your code; we put it to the test.

But instead of just testing the software manually, we also write bespoke code to test your code. This ensure bugs are spotted quickly and automatically, before your customers ever touch the product. Not to mention avoiding bigger problems down the road as you scale (when it’s harder and costlier to fix).

So, you’ve got your idea.
Now it’s time to build it. With DevSquad you’ll get…

A ready-made, battle-tested team of world-class developers
Experienced at building complex software and solving problems quickly
Following a tried and tested process, so you don’t have to micromanage
And doing this with no big upfront cost, just a simple cash-flow-friendly monthly fee (think of it like Software Development as a Service).